A Busy Week

It’s Friday . . . OK, in my brain it’s still Thursday because I haven’t gone to bed yet, but the clock on my computer says Friday. It’s been busy!

Steve and I got to go to the Toby Mac Hits Deep Concert on Sunday evening. Toby Mac is a showman! But Jordan Feliz was definitely the best vocalist. He doesn’t look anything like I thought he would. It’s funny how you hear a voice on the radio and picture a face, but then when you see them up close . . . let’s say I was surprised.

We were just seven rows off the floor, so even though we didn’t stand, we could always see. Steve had surgery on his finger on Thursday, so standing and getting excited wasn’t a good idea.

We spent the night in Columbus. The hotel was nice, but it had the oddest art. The pictures themselves were just modern, not what I’d choose, but artsy. The odd part was the way they were framed. A 5×7 piece of art with a 8 inch mat around it and a 3 inch gilded frame. Two filled the space above each queen size bed. The art got lost in the frame and the mat.

The drive home on Monday was lovely. It was a nice Spring day.

Spring may have finally arrived. After a bit of snow on Sunday, the rest of the week has gradually warmed. My favorite part is the buds on the trees. There’s one at the bottom of Mahan Lane that’s actually green, and one bush on the way to the church has bloomed. The rest look red because the buds have all come out.

I think everyone should praise God every time they see a green tree or a flowering bush in the Spring. imagine how much praise our Creator would receive.

It’s truly lovely!

I especially love seeing the leaves on the trees. They remind me of the time before I could see.

Before I got glasses in third grade, I had no idea how bad my eyes were. But on the day I got them I came out of the office and could see. I still remember my amazement at the leaves on the trees. I’d never known you could see each individual leaf. Trees just looked like green blobs before. I still aprreciate every leaf.

I hope we spend as much time praising God for the beauty of Spring as we did complaining about the dismal winter.

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