A New Career – March 8, 2015

Lately I’ve read several independent authors and every time I do, every single missing comma, misspelled word and redundant grammar just jumps out at me. I’ve discovered that it can be almost distracting. Then I wondered if some of these indies would like an inexpensive editor. I’m not a professional, and the only books I’ve proofed and edited are my own. So I have to wonder if anyone would want the service. On the other hand, I’m pretty good at it, so my lack of overhead (because of my lack of an office or any professional experience) would allow me to offer the service at a much reduced rate compared to others.

Additionally, because I’ve navigated the CreateSpace/Kindle/Nook territory several times, I could offer assistance in getting the format right for those indies. I guess I’m posting this here to see if anyone who reads this knows someone who might be interested. I’m really only interested in proofing Christian books.

I’ll just keep praying about it . . . (but I won’t object to input on the subject below)

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