Advice from my Dove chocolate

Dove Chocolate offers tidbits of wisdom in the wrapper of individually wrapped candies. Today mine said, “Live to make your past self jealous.” Usually the thin tin gets crumpled and forgotten, but this one got my attention. Would my past self be jealous of where I am today?

The short answer – No.

That answer may cause you to assume my life is less than I’d hoped. But truthfully, I’m living a lot better than I’d imagined. I’m more content and blessed than I ever thought possible. Those who know me might question that short answer. My past self has every right to envy my life.

But I know how hard Steve and I worked to get here. We’ve tried to keep our focus on Christ and attempted to show others the abundant life our Savior promised. Our employers have recognized our value. My past self invested a lot of time and energy in our journey. So, I don’t believe she would ever be jealous.

If I could send a letter back in time and tell my younger self where she would be now, I think she’d be pleased, maybe even proud. She would be excited and encouraged to discover her hard work paid off. That younger self would look at our daughters and grandchildren and smile to see the relationship they have with Jesus. She’d be delighted see how successful her children have become.

Jealousy has never looked good on me. I’ve always attempted to avoid comparing myself to others, so why would I be jealous of a life I worked hard to obtain?

I hope you’re living a life that you can one day be proud of too!

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