Amos – BC Prophet or Prophet of today?

What if when Amos said Zion (Jerusalem) he also meant Washington DC?   Could Mt. Samaria compare to New York City?  Are the foremost men of the most powerful nation the President and Congress? 

I’m continually amazed at how unconcered the majority of the world around me is with these prophecy that point to the fall of America.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a patriot!  I love America and praise Jesus often that I was born in this country during an era with electricity and all of the creature comforts we are blessed with.  I’m just not a patriot with an inflated sense of the granduer of America and her armies. 

 America, turn to God . . . listen to Jonah’s message . . . turn back to your Creator by way of His Son.   American leaders from the federal government, state, County, city, town, borough, ville, vale and hamlet, please listen to these words of our Father.  He’s trying to warn us . . . Will we heed!

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