Beautiful Mess ~ The Story of Diamond Rio with Tom Roland

From all the years of struggling to make it in the industry, through the years of success and on to the difficulties of their last five years, this book shares it all. The six members of Diamond Rio share with Tom Roland the individual journeys that brought them together as well as the excitement of having their very first single shoot to number one on Billboard’s Charts in unprecedented and unexpected speed. These six guys also honestly tell the struggles they experienced, especially those from their successful years, and the alternate route on which those difficult times have led them.

I read this book in one Sunday afternoon. Tom Roland did a good job of holding my attention and presenting Diamond Rio’s story, even from the members’ childhoods. As an aspiring Christian singer and songwriter, I was especially intrigued by the story of the band’s formation as well as those years spent trying to break into the business. Their dedication to the music, their career and each other is inspiring and their extraordinary lifestyle, so rare in the music industry, should be shared with every teen facing pressure to try alcohol, drugs or sex. I recommend this book to music fans, teens and those who need a reminder that even real life can have a happy ending.

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