Book Review – Many Sparrows

by Lori Benton

Imagine my surprise when the setting of this book opened in my back yard! I live about 10 minutes from Yellow Creek (which dumps into the Ohio River just North of Steubenville), so I was immediately intrigued, and the story line kept my attention!

Lori Benton did a great job of forming characters and developing an intriguing plot, plus her tale was well woven into the known history of the Ohio Valley area following the Yellow Creek Massacre (which I knew nothing about until AFTER I read the book and looked it up). While the romance aspect of the book might be considered little predictable, the rest of the book has all the twists and turns of real life and keeps it exciting.

I highly recommend this book; however, be warned that if your vocabulary is a bit limited you may want a dictionary nearby as Miss Benton use of the English Language is very wide and includes many words not typically found in modern works.

I received this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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