Book Review – The Alamo Bride

Kathleen Y’Barbo has done it again! This is the seventh book in this series (not all of them by Miss Y’Barbo), and they just keep getting better. I really don’t enjoy romances, but these historical fiction reads with just a splattering of romance keep my attention from beginning to end. From character development to putting the reader right in the middle of the scene this book does it all. Yet, the descriptions are not so wordy I want to skim through them. There’s just enough history to keep those of us who don’t enjoy romances coming back, but the historical nature isn’t overwhelming. The history is the backdrop, nicely woven into the plot. If you’d never heard of General Houston or the Alamo, you might imagine the author created these characters and places. I truly enjoyed “The Alamo Bride” and highly recommend it!

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