Book Review – The Rise of the Mystics

I was honored to be part of the launch team for “The Rise of the Mystics”.  I think I’m glad I wasn’t able to get “The 49th Mystic” (book 1 in the two book series) right away because it put less time between reads, and I really didn’t want to wait!

Although you’ll see in my review, you can read “The Mystic” series without reading “The Circle” or “The Forgotten Way,” I highly recommend you read them all first.  I’ll put links for The Circle below, but you can only get “The Forgotten Way” from Ted’s site.  (Click the title for details.)

Here’s my review:

I fell in love with Ted Dekker’s work when I read the very first book in the Circle Series, and he didn’t disappoint this time.  Although he continued the story of the Circle in these new books, a person could easily pick them up and not be lost, because he elaborates the things you need to know from the earlier books, just enough to get a new reader up to speed without sounding repetitious to those of use who’ve read the former books more than once. Having read “The Forgotten Way” not too long ago, I was also excited to see themes from that book woven into the adventure. And an adventure it is. Just when I thought I might know where he was going next, Dekker took an unexpected turn and kept me up late a few nights. I highly recommend “The Rise of the Mystics” as well as the first book, “The 49th Mystic.” The characters are well developed. The plot is rich with adventure, mystery and surprises, and as always Jesus Christ is honored in such a way that even those who aren’t interested in the faith will enjoy the ride.

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