Casino Gambling in Ohio (and everywhere)

I wasn’t sure what to share in our church newsletter this month, but I just saw the poll on the news concerning the upcoming election. The latest poll has 59% of Ohioans in support of Casinos coming into our state. The commercials are finally convincing people, and the opposition has either gotten tired or they’ve been deceived. I’l admit, I just don’t get that involved in the political arena. It’s just not my thing; however, I feel responsible if I don’t somehow share the truth about the proposed Casinos in Ohio.

As the economy declines, people are becoming more and more desperate to find a way to create more jobs and “stimulate” the economy. So much so that they’ll believe all kinds of half truths.
A lot of people wonder what the Bible says about gambling. The Bible doesn’t really say much. However, it does say, “Trust in me [God and Christ].” (John 14:1) When we vote for something that we’re pretty sure isn’t a good thing just because someone says it will stimulate the economy, that’s not trusting God. It also says if we cause one of God’s little ones to stumble, it would be better if a huge stone were tied around our neck and we were thrown in the sea. (Luke 17:1) If those who call themselves Christians allow Issue 3 to pass, we’re definitely creating a stumbling block for those with a gambling addiction.

And in more worldly terms, there are a lot of other evils that come with gambling, including more prostitution, drugs, alcohol, broken families and suicides. A vote for Issue Three is a vote against trusting in God to provide for our needs, and yes to “I don’t care if my neighbor goes broke gambling.” A yes on Ohio Issue 3 says it’s OK for some to suffer while others are entertained.

Most adults, even those who don’t have a problem with gambling and like to play a slot every now and again, know the inherent problems with the “sport.” I urge you to look at it from Christ’s point of view and vote the way He would.

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