Book Review – Get Your Life Back

Get Your Life Back by John Eldredge brings another homerun by the author.  I enjoy Mr. Eldredge’s candor as he shares his own life and offers his experience to help us understand several different ways to rescue our lives from the busyness this world pulls us into.

I highly recommend this book for Christians in every part of the faith journey, and even those who haven’t met Christ or aren’t quite convinced the Christian life is for them will find helpful strategies to Get Back to really living!

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Book Review – The Alamo Bride

Kathleen Y’Barbo has done it again! This is the seventh book in this series (not all of them by Miss Y’Barbo), and they just keep getting better. I really don’t enjoy romances, but these historical fiction reads with just a splattering of romance keep my attention from beginning to end. From character development to putting the reader right in the middle of the scene this book does it all. Yet, the descriptions are not so wordy I want to skim through them. There’s just enough history to keep those of us who don’t enjoy romances coming back, but the historical nature isn’t overwhelming. The history is the backdrop, nicely woven into the plot. If you’d never heard of General Houston or the Alamo, you might imagine the author created these characters and places. I truly enjoyed “The Alamo Bride” and highly recommend it!

Book Review – Shelter of the Most High

When I got this book to review, I discovered it was book #2 in the series. So I immediately got Book #1 from the library. After reading it, I was even more excited to read and review “Shelter of the Most High.” And I wasn’t disappointed. As with book one, the author gets your attention on page one, the storyline forcing you to keep reading to find out what happens next. And because it’s book 2, “Shelter of the Most High” causes one to read until you can figure out how it’s going to tie in with book one!
I enjoyed these two books so much I’ve already put a library hold on the books from the “Out from Egypt” series. I highly recommend!

Book Review – The Liberty Bride

# 6 in the Mayflower Brides series –

I received this as a free download at #NetGalley in exchange for a fair review.
I truly enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the history of the War of 1812. I’m probably less familiar with this period of history than any other. And Tyndall’s fictional characters and adventure made the history even more exciting. Emiline Baratt is a believable heroine. She’s strong and independent. Her story kept me captivated. I’d highly recommend this hard to put down story.

Book Review – Many Sparrows

by Lori Benton

Imagine my surprise when the setting of this book opened in my back yard! I live about 10 minutes from Yellow Creek (which dumps into the Ohio River just North of Steubenville), so I was immediately intrigued, and the story line kept my attention!

Lori Benton did a great job of forming characters and developing an intriguing plot, plus her tale was well woven into the known history of the Ohio Valley area following the Yellow Creek Massacre (which I knew nothing about until AFTER I read the book and looked it up). While the romance aspect of the book might be considered little predictable, the rest of the book has all the twists and turns of real life and keeps it exciting.

I highly recommend this book; however, be warned that if your vocabulary is a bit limited you may want a dictionary nearby as Miss Benton use of the English Language is very wide and includes many words not typically found in modern works.

I received this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review – A Texas Brides Collection

I got this book from #NetGalley as a free download in exchange for an honest review . . . so here goes:

If you enjoy romance novels, you’ll probably enjoy these short stories. I discovered about 1/2 way through I just don’t care for the predictability of these kinds of reads anymore. Although written by several authors, the first five of the nine stories were quite similar . . . too similar for my taste. I found myself a bit bored. The final four did redeem the series for me as they offered a bit more variety even with their predictable romantic slant.

Each story is pretty short. I could read one an evening. So these would make great reads for a plane ride or waiting room. They were well written. Just not really my cup of tea.

Book Review – The Rise of the Mystics

I was honored to be part of the launch team for “The Rise of the Mystics”.  I think I’m glad I wasn’t able to get “The 49th Mystic” (book 1 in the two book series) right away because it put less time between reads, and I really didn’t want to wait!

Although you’ll see in my review, you can read “The Mystic” series without reading “The Circle” or “The Forgotten Way,” I highly recommend you read them all first.  I’ll put links for The Circle below, but you can only get “The Forgotten Way” from Ted’s site.  (Click the title for details.)

Here’s my review:

I fell in love with Ted Dekker’s work when I read the very first book in the Circle Series, and he didn’t disappoint this time.  Although he continued the story of the Circle in these new books, a person could easily pick them up and not be lost, because he elaborates the things you need to know from the earlier books, just enough to get a new reader up to speed without sounding repetitious to those of use who’ve read the former books more than once. Having read “The Forgotten Way” not too long ago, I was also excited to see themes from that book woven into the adventure. And an adventure it is. Just when I thought I might know where he was going next, Dekker took an unexpected turn and kept me up late a few nights. I highly recommend “The Rise of the Mystics” as well as the first book, “The 49th Mystic.” The characters are well developed. The plot is rich with adventure, mystery and surprises, and as always Jesus Christ is honored in such a way that even those who aren’t interested in the faith will enjoy the ride.

The Cumberland Bride – Book Review

Shannon McNear did an excellent job keeping my attention. A little adventure and a little romance made it a truly enjoyable read. I always enjoy these historical fiction. This one even made me get my tablet out and do a little searching to find the path the family took. So far I’ve enjoyed this entire series! I’m looking forward to the next one. #TheCumberlandBride #NetGalley

Book Review – The Patriot Bride

I enjoyed “The Patriot Bride” just as much as I’ve loved the other books in this series. The historical background is excellent, and the plot and characters are well developed. I truly enjoy the main characters interactions with real life historical figures, and appreciated the insight into the part many civilians played during the Revolutionary War. This story kept my attention throughout. I highly recommend this book!

Book Review – Captured Bride

Another great addition to the Mayflower Brides series. I was given this book to review, and I wasn’t disappointed. Like the “Pirate Bride,” book #3 offers a lot of adventure and unpredictable plot twists even though I’d still put it in the classification of Historical Fiction or Christian Romance.

Set during the French and Indian War, all of the main characters are fictional, but I truly enjoyed the bits of real history entwined in the story line. Each of the characters is very well developed and easy to relate to. Plus the mystery surrounding at least one of the main characters remains intact clear till the very end.

I highly recommend this book to Christian and non-Christian readers.  If you like romance and Historical Fiction, I believe you’ll enjoy this book.

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