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Relationships – Part Two

If you stumbled upon this post and haven’t read part one, you can read it HERE.

Another thing I’ve discovered about relationships is that they require us to understand we are in community with other human beings. There are going to be problems. I am not going to like every thing every single person in my circle does every single day.  Even the most well meaning human being will let us down from time to time. We’ll get our feelings hurt or be offended. It’s gonna happen! The thing that makes for a successful or unsuccessful relationship is how it’s handled. Once a person comes to that realization, they’ll have a much better time making relationships work.

The last time I talked about each person taking responsibility for his or her part in the schism. But what’s next? And by next, I mean first . . .

Even before the other person takes responsibility for his or her actions, I have to forgive, just let it go, don’t take offense. It’s easier when I remember I’ve probably offended someone else in a similar way, and I hope they’ve forgiven me. And it’s one hundred times easier since I’ve come to the realization that all my faults caused Christ to be crucified, and He forgave me, loves me and wants a fully restored relationship with me.

But forgiveness is hard. I know.

One of the main things people need to understand is that forgiveness does not excuse the offense, it merely removes it’s hold on YOU. You forgiving is NOT the same as saying, “It’s OK, do it again.” It’s simply saying, “I don’t want this to cause me anymore pain, so I’m releasing it. I’m no longer going to hold it against you.” I think that makes some forgiveness a little easier. So many people believe that forgiveness excuses a person or gives them permission to cause the offense again. It doesn’t. Even Jesus told the woman, “Go and sin no more.” She was forgiven, but He didn’t want her to returning to the life that caused her need for forgiveness.

Holding on to unforgiveness is like grasping the end of chains that are anchored to a wall and refusing to let go. Those chains hold you, but by your choice. You are bound, just like a prisoner, except you could let go. Sin is much the same, except sin puts us in shackles, and Jesus’ death on the cross holds the key to loose them. But either way, you’re stuck. You may as well be the one who committed the offense because whether you are the offender or the one offended, without forgiveness, both are bound by chains that keep them from the true peace and freedom Christ came to bring.

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Open Letter to Professional Athletes Attempting to Make a Statement Against Racial Oppresion

Dear Athletes,
Today as I see photos of many of you on your knees on September 11, 2016 instead of on your feet, I am praising God that we live in a country where you are free to do just that. I am tremendously grateful to my Father in heaven for the freedom to make a statement without fear of repercussion from the government. However, I am also saddened by method you’ve chosen.

You see, like you, I often want to make a statement. I want to stand up for my Savior. I want to stand up for injustice and inequality. I want to stand up for scriptural values. But unlike you, I don’t have the platform or the fame for my statements to carry as far as you do.

You’ve made a statement, but unfortunately, it’s hollow. You are disrespecting an entire nation! Your statement tells me you don’t respect my uncles who died to help free your ancestors. Your statement tells me that my uncle who traveled underground for fear of his life when he stood up against slavery doesn’t matter. Your statement may be about black oppression, but to most of us it says “I don’t respect the majority of Americans who are trying to do the right thing.”

Yes, there is still racial oppression. No, our country is not perfect. However, the stand you are taking (or not taking) appears to be against the majority instead of the minority. The majority of police officers are not racially biased. They may be culturally biased in order to protect themselves, but for most it has nothing to do with race. The majority of employers do not look at race when they are hiring, most don’t care about color or ethnicity, most want anyone with integrity and a good work ethic.

If you want to take a real stand, use your platform to teach young people how to be more respectful. Help them see that we have to stand together and forget about race. Help them see there are good people who don’t care about race, help them search out those folks. Help them see that employers can’t afford to hire people who are going to cry “racism” every time someone of another race legitimately gets ahead. Go into the areas of oppression. Help train young people to be people of integrity, people of respect. Turn the tide, create a new culture the police don’t have to be afraid of. Be there with them when the police come out and show them how to treat good and bad officers with respect. Help them see that the best way to expose bad cops is to be respectful in large groups. Someone will be videoing . . . there always is. If the whole group is respectful and the cop is still a bad cop, they can take them down . . . one by one. If you want to take a real stand, take it against those of your race who are making all the rest who live in that same culture look bad. Let’s face it, every race, every profession, every ethnicity has that minority who make the rest of us look bad.

I want to expose people who I am linked to racially and culturally who have no integrity. I want people to know that even though I am an evangelical Christian, I do not support people who bully or belittle those who do not share my faith or values. I don’t do this by disrespecting those who are trying to do what is right!

If all of us who are like minded about people being treated with respect all just did that and showed the next generation to do that, we could make a huge difference. We need to stand together and teach the young people of this nation how to respect others . . . and most especially themselves. This business of showing disrespect because ONE other person showed disrespect has got to stop! You have the power and the platform to do it! And standing out of respect for those who’ve lost their lives defending your freedom and for a nation that, even with all its faults, is still the best place to live is a good start.

Your “stand” is dividing. Your “stand” is teaching young people to show disrespect. Your “stand” is your right! But it is not against those whom you are against. Those people don’t care! The people who are oppressing your race will oppress mine too if it serves their purpose. The people who are oppressing your race don’t care about the flag, the National Anthem or America. You are not hurting them. Those people are small minded, hateful individuals with no loyalty and no heart. The best thing we can do is to truly STAND and stand together.

Punishment or Pronouncement

I was thinking about Genesis 3 today. Most of the time people think of Genesis 3:14-19 as a word of punishment from God. But I wondered today if it was more of just a pronouncement of what was going to happen in the future.

In the NIV and the KJV, only God’s word to the serpent, “I will put enmity . . .” and his first words to Eve, “I will increase you pain . . .” include words that indicate God might be punishing. The rest of the passage makes it sound as if the sin released into the world caused the problem. “Cursed is the ground because of you . . .” Are those words of punishment, or a pronouncement of the consequences of sin?

“Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you.” Punishment or pronouncement? When I read the first two chapters of Genesis, I get the feeling that God meant for husband and wife to be equal partners, to make one another better. But what if sin unleashed caused men through the ages to use the physical strength God gifted them with at creation to “rule over” the women, created with less physical strength, but different strengths to compliment the men’s strengths.

Much of the evil and bad things that happen today are primarily consequences of sin. Some, consequences for the person who created the evil. For others, their pain is the consequence of another’s sin. God doesn’t need to “punish” per se . . . we bring on trouble ourselves simply by stepping out of God’s will.

Hebrews 12 talks about God disciplining those He loves. Some would argue this means that God punishes, but discipline does not always mean punishment. Discipline more often means learning a lesson or doing a task to improve a skill. Discipline makes us a better person.

So . . . the whole thought process makes me wonder . . . did God tell Adam and Eve they were being punished or did He merely pronounce what He knew would happen because sin had been unleashed on the world?

What is a Christian?

I’m not going to call myself a Christian anymore. Instead I’d rather be known as a “close friend of Jesus Christ.” Everyone who has ever stepped foot in a church calls themselves a Christian, yet I wonder if many of them really know Jesus at all. You see, Jesus called those who do God’s will His brothers and sisters.

It made me think of the show “Blue Bloods.” The show is based around an Italian family whose “family business” is law enforcement. Even though the matriarchs of the family are both gone (mom and grandma have died), the entire extended family, sons, daughters, in-laws and grandchildren, gathers at least once a week for a family meal. They don’t miss unless they are working or on vacation. Nothing takes precedence over the family meal.

My family had a similar gathering pattern. As a child, I spent time with my maternal grandparents and great-grandparents at least weekly before they died. And my siblings and I were well aware we would be going to my paternal grandparents at least two Sundays a month. Grandma Meyer always had at least half a dozen pies waiting because all of the local aunts, uncles and cousins would be there by late afternoon.

The body of Christ is called to be a family. We are to be more than what the modern day church calls “Christian.” Hebrews 10 tells us to make sure we keep meeting together. I don’t want anyone to ever think that “marking attendance” is more important than a relationship with Jesus Christ, but the honest truth is part of the way we can measure how close we are to Christ is the priority we give to meeting with the “family.” If the following list was the criteria for for measuring your relationship, what would your category be?

Close Family or best friend – attends every Sunday plus Bible Study – corresponds to the Bible Apostles
Second cousin or casual friend – attends 75% of the time – corresponds to the Bible disciples
Close enough I should go to the funeral – attends 50% of the time – corresponds to the Bible followers
Comes to the annual family reunion – has a church to call home and goes when it’s convenient – corresponds to the Bible crowd

As you can tell by the third column, a lack of commitment by people who call themselves Christian has been going on since Jesus started His ministry. I’m sure the folks in the “crowd” thought they knew Jesus. They’d heard Him preach and eaten with Him on more than one occasion. These are the ones who lined the streets when they heard He was coming to town, but because they didn’t know Him like they thought they did, they are the same ones who stood in front of Pilate yelling, “Crucify Him!”

In case you’re wondering about the difference in disciples and followers, Mark 10 says that when they headed toward Jerusalem, the disciples were astonished, but the followers were afraid. Both groups knew that Jerusalem was a dangerous place for Jesus to be. Everyone was aware that the Jewish leaders wanted Jesus dead. So the disciples were surprised that Jesus was walking right into their headquarters, but they weren’t afraid. The disciples knew that Jesus had it under control. They’d not only seen Him work miracles, they believed that He could do things they couldn’t imagine. They weren’t afraid because they knew they were friends with the Son of God.

The followers on the other hand were frightened. What was going to happen to them if someone in Jerusalem found out they were following Christ? Should they keep it under wraps? Would they be better off distancing themselves from this man who calls Himself the Messiah? Following was a fun thing to do sometimes, the company of Jesus was an exciting place to be, but it wasn’t a priority. It is easy for a follower to fall away because the commitment level just isn’t there.

But if you read Mark 10:32 closely you see that the highest level of commitment is where we all should want to be. Jesus “took the Twelve aside and told them what was going to happen.” They had the inside scoop. The apostles were Christ’s closest friends, His confidants! That is the circle I want to be in. It’s the circle Joshua chose thousands of years before (Joshua 24:15). It’s the circle Moses and Abraham walked in. This is the circle founded by those folks from Hebrews 11.

This is why the leadership of our church (and probably yours) emphasizes church attendance. We don’t care about the numbers. It’s not a notch on our belt or bragging rights. We don’t want you to come because we want your money. We want you to be in worship and Bible Study because we know that’s where the Apostles are. We want you to be in the inner circle, the core, the ones closest to Christ. We want you to be the first ones to get a Word from Him, we want you to be His confidants.
All four of those categories (and even a few who think they are “good people” but don’t even have a church home) call themselves Christian. Yes, I am a Christian, but I prefer that you think of me as Jesus’ closest friend, His confidant, His family.

Teen to Parent and Back at ya’

One of my young Facebook friends posted the following list:

– When I hang out with a boy/girl it doesn’t mean he/she is my boyfriend/girlfriend

– School is hard and I’m trying my best

– I’m a teenager, I don’t always have the best attitude

– I try to make the best decisions for myself

– I’m young and want to have fun

– If I’m out all night it doesn’t mean I’m drinking or doing drugs.

– Not all my friends can be a bad influence.

– I feel useless whenever they compare me to other people

I posted a reply:

– If the boy/girl you’re hanging out with doesn’t make you a better person, we don’t care if it’s your official “squeeze”or not – we’re trying to help you become the person Christ created you to be

– Sometimes when you think it’s your best, we see more potential in you than you see in yourself. We don’t mean to push you too hard, but if you could see what we see . . .

– You haven’t lived long enough to make the best decision. That’s why God gave us parents. And believe me, I remember thinking I was making a good decision . . . time and experience will reveal what the “best” really is

– I want you to have fun while you’re young too! I just don’t want that fun to ruin the rest of your life.

– Most really bad things happen after dark. Most of them were never planned. Most of them are complete accidents. I believe that you don’t plan to do anything stupid. Almost no one ever does. But again . . . I have more experience . . . I’ve done my share of stupid. . . you will too. Being in early just keeps you from doing someone else’s share too!

– Of course not all of your friends are bad influences! But most of the good influences have parents who have a tight rein and they have a curfew. (hence the last explanation)

– Please forgive me when I compare you to another person. I don’t mean to. I hate it when people do it to me. Please know that it’s just frustration because I don’t know how else to help you see how wonderful and precious you are! I don’t want to see you be hurt, and I only want the best for you. Please act in such a way that I can loosen the reins and trust you more. It’s what I want to do, but until you realize my experience with life gives me an edge, it’s going to seem like I’m against you. I’m not!!! I love you!!! I only want the most wonderful, blessed life for you!!!!

Religion or Relationship

A Facebook friend asked about our opinions on the difference between religion and relationship. I have to admit, that’s one of my favorite Christian discussions. You see for a long time I lived under the umbrella of religion. I knew all the rules and I was pretty good at following them. I think if you asked my parents, I may have been called a model child. Not that I never did anything wrong, but in the grand scheme of problem children, I was low on the list. And as far as following the rules of religion, I had it down. I didn’t drink or smoke. I’ve never touched drugs. I was in church every Sunday. I won every Bible challenge. I memorized the books of the Bible, the 23rd Psalm and the ten commandments at a very young age. I didn’t even fuss about having to go to church. My road to being the best at religion was going so well until I was about 17.

Yep, I was pretty young when I began to understand the problem the Israelites had. I didn’t know it at the time, but as I’ve grown in Christ, I see that my life was exactly the life of Israel. Israel was good at following the rules for a long time, too. But rules are tough, and it’s easy to make excuses for sin that doesn’t seem to hurt anyone else. So just before my eighteenth birthday I got married because just after my eighteenth birthday I had a baby. And while I am thankful for my husband of 35 years, and I would have married him anyway, the reason for our marriage at that moment was so I could get back on track to following the rules.

It’s not that I’d never been introduced to relationship. Looking back I saw my grandmother live out relationship. Plus, I had a tremendous pastor for a very short time in my teens, Rev. Rod Buchanan, whom lived out relationship. Both planted seeds and gave me good examples of what the Christian life could look like. But because I’d broken one of the big rules, and neither of these tremendous mentors were around when I broke it, I left the church for a few years. Because of religion, I was confident that I didn’t deserve to be in church. Church was a place for the people who followed the rules . . . that’s what religion taught me. And I had messed up. In my mind, I’d messed up so bad it couldn’t be fixed. The worst part about that whole time is that no one came to tell me any different. I had been active in church for 18 years and not one person came to tell me that my religion was useless, no one told me to abandon my religious rules for relationship.

Until I met a group of ladies in Rome, New York. This group began to show me what Rod and my grandmother knew. They began to help me on my journey toward relationship.

My new “catch-phrase” since I began to have a relationship is this “No Rules, Just Jesus.” You see. When I have a relationship, I don’t need rules because my life choices are dictated by wanting to maintain my relationship. I don’t want to do something that will make God sad. I don’t want to disappoint Him. Part of really coming to relationship was me understanding that getting pregnant outside of marriage wasn’t my biggest sin. My biggest sin was dismissing things that separate me from God and ignoring the fact that the only thing that can bring me back into relationship is the blood of Jesus Christ.

I am now in awe of what Christ has done for me. I now appreciate everything that my dearest friend has done to show his love. Now I am aware that He is always with me. The verse, “I will never leave you or forsake you” is personal.

Living according to the rules is hard. Israel couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it, and many more folks that I’ve met can’t be “good.” But a relationship with the only perfect person is much easier. He always has my best interest in mind, and every faux pas is from my side, yet He understands, loves me and forgives me as long as I have a heart willing to maintain the relationship. It’s beautiful. It’s simple, yet it’s so far beyond human understanding that many times we miss it. I’m so glad my Creator called me to it and sent people into my life to help bring me to Him.

One more way for the enemy to defile God’s picture of Himself and the church

I’ve thought for a long time that marriage is tough because the enemy hates it. He hates this institution that God has set up as a picture of Himself and His people. He called Israel His adulterous wife. He calls the church the Bride of Christ. I believe that the enemy attacks marriage so that he can give people a distorted picture of what Christ wants the church to be.

And now, with the most recent court ruling, the enemy is doing it again. He is distorting the picture of the family. We are children of the King with the church as our mother. This new “family” that’s trying to make it’s way into the acceptance of society can’t produce children, it can’t do anything “naturally” (the words of the Bible, not mine). Yet the enemy would like us to embrace this perversion of what God intends for His beloved.

More Thoughts on Current Events

Again, I need to preface everything I write reminding folks that my stance if from a Christian perspective for Christians. God says that I am not to judge (even the actions) of those outside the church.

But here’s a question for those who support the Supreme Court ruling about same sex marriage:
If you have been living in a homosexual relationship and could not marry, how have you kept the marriage bed pure?

I never thought about that until today. I should have. I’ve always compared homosexuality to pre-marital sex and adultery. I believe they are all the same thing. They all fall in the category of “sexual immorality,” all defile the “marriage bed.” I know that there are those who consider themselves followers of Christ who also practice homosexuality. So, how have you kept the statutes of Hebrews 13:4?

I’ve never had to deal with a mature Christian who wanted to keep living together. As people in our congregations have matured in Christ, we’ve never even had to make their living together an issue, it’s always been something that God has convicted them of. So . . . it’s just something I started wondering about today . . .

It’s Time to Speak Up

John 3:17 says For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. So I assume it’s not my job to condemn. In fact it’s that thought that has kept me quiet when perhaps I should not have been.

Is it a coincidence that today I read Ezekiel? Ezekiel was made a “watchman for the people” (3:16), something I have felt convicted to be for a long time. And then God said to Ezekiel: “When . . . you don’t warn them . . . of their evil ways. . . I will hold you responsible.” (3:17) God repeats His command to Ezekiel making Him a watchman to the people of God. Interestingly enough, he was not commanded to speak those words to someone outside the community of Israel, only those whom God had chosen.

Those words from Ezekiel were the final conviction for me to finally speak up and say something to the people of God. If you don’t claim to be a Christian, you are welcome to read the following, but it’s not meant for you. I hope that if you aren’t a Christian, you’ll explore the love that Jesus has for you before you worry about anything you read here.

Below you’ll find words of warning I have to speak, but before I speak them, I feel a need to speak some words of repentance. I need to ask forgiveness for me and my people, the people of God who have been silent for too long.

Forgive us, Lord, for keeping silent when men convinced your people that you did not create us in your image. Forgive us for allowing your people to forget how precious humanity is because we have in us the potential to be replicas of You. I think this was probably the beginning of the problem, for if the enemy can convince us to forget the beauty and potential of every human to be like You, we are much more likely to approve of slavery and other atrocities against the only part of creation that you called “very good”.

Forgive me and those who’ve gone before me for allowing Christian prayer to be removed from schools. We just stood back and said, “Yes, those few people have more rights than the many.” And now, should we try to bring it back, it would not be an honor to You, it would be a party for the foreign gods.

Forgive us, Lord, for just sitting on our hands when the courts said that unborn babies aren’t really humans. Forgive us for allowing people to think your creation is less precious before it is born. Forgive me and those who’ve gone before me as we have allowed your command, “You shall not murder,” to be distorted and perverted.

Forgive your people, Lord, for our silence in the past several years. Forgive us that we have not followed the command you gave Ezekiel to warn and speak out against sin. Forgive us that we have listened to the voices of the world who continue to say we are judgmental when we call sin, sin. Forgive us that we have allowed those who are not Your representatives, those who call themselves Christians, but insist on condemning and being hurtful, to cause us who truly love with Your love to be silent instead of trying to balance their hurtfulness.

And to those of you who have been given excuses for your sin and been told “It’s OK, God loves you,” forgive us for sharing God’s love without being bold enough to remind you that our Heavenly Father and Omnipotent Creator says, “Those who love me will obey my commands.”

Yes, this is getting long, but to speak the words I need to speak without accepting some of the blame for the need to speak them would just be compounding the problem. You see, sin is sin. And I am convinced that the greatest sin, the unforgivable sin, the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit, is to reject the conviction that the Holy Spirit places on our hearts, to deny that the sin our Perfect King points out is truly sin.

So, this writing is not in condemnation of anyone. John 3:17 and Romans 8:1 don’t leave room for condemnation. However, Romans 8 tells us that Jesus’ death condemned sin, (8:3) and John 16:8 reminds us that the Holy Spirit was sent to convict us of our sin. So, here goes. If what I’m writing makes you upset, please pray, ‘cause I’m guessing it’s the Holy Spirit’s conviction. I’ve experienced it many times, and I praise God for it, because it’s that conviction that brings me closer to Christ every day.

Leviticus 18:22 says: “Do not have sexual relations with a man as one does with a woman; that is detestable.” I haven’t figured out how that can be translated any other way. Some have said that it doesn’t mean two consenting adults, but “as one does with a woman” makes it sound like that’s exactly what it means. Additionally, I’ve heard those who like to defend the homosexual lifestyle saying that this is irrelevant because now we eat pigs . . . you can start out by checking out Acts 10 where even Peter decided God was now giving permission for His people to eat pork. One person even compared Leviticus 18:22 to the command from Deuteronomy 25:5. The theory is since a man doesn’t marry his brother’s widow anymore we don’t have to follow the commands from the Old Testament. I see at least a couple of flaws in that thinking. First, Moses said this was a command for brothers who live together, so I’m assuming that means a single brother, not every brother. Plus the purpose was so the brother’s name would not be “blotted out from Israel.” Perhaps single men need to take a look at that, I don’t know. I don’t feel any conviction about it one way or another, but I do know that the fact we don’t obey one part of scripture doesn’t automatically give us permission to ignore other parts.

Now, there are those who believe that the laws against homosexuality were for Old Testament times only. I’m assuming these same theologians throw out Romans 1:26-27 “Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. 27 In the same way the men also abandoned natural relations with women and were inflamed with lust for one another. Men committed shameful acts with other men, and received in themselves the due penalty for their error.” One such student of scripture basically said we can’t trust anything Paul wrote. He erroneously stated that Paul wrote “women can’t wear pants.” I’ve looked. I can’t find it anywhere. Deuteronomy 22 prohibits cross dressing, but since men wore robes at the time, it can’t have anything to do with women wearing pants. It does seem to set men and women apart; even when both wore robes there were definite men’s garments and women’s garments. Obviously God wanted to maintain a certain difference in the genders. This Bible student should have quoted the passage where Paul instructs women to cover their heads when they pray if he wanted to note passages we don’t observe anymore. However, even in this instance, I see it in context of the times. Modest women wore head coverings and veils. In fact, if I went to the Middle East right now, I might consider observing this passage because I would want to appear modest in every culture.

When these same folks seek permission to ignore Paul, they also site 1 Corinthians 14:34. Paul does say women shouldn’t talk (the Greek doesn’t mean preach – it means have conversation) in church, but if you keep reading on through verse 35, it would appear these noisy women were asking their husbands questions during worship. This, because they would have been seated far away from their spouse in a segregated congregation, would have been quite disruptive. In 1 Timothy 2:11, most translations read as if Paul does say that He personally didn’t let women teach men, although if we go back to the original Greek, more than one theologian believes Paul really means he doesn’t allow a wife to teach or take authority over her husband. In any case, as a women, I’ve never felt as though Paul was to be disregarded because he asked women to live within cultural expectations. Paul obviously didn’t have a problem with women in church leadership. He seemed to encourage Priscilla, and I’m sure as a devout Jew he knew all about Deborah and had great respect for this ancient Jewess.

Another thing that students of scripture will note is that Jesus never says a word about homosexuality. It’s not something He took the time to speak about. It’s not the only issue He didn’t mention, but it is one. Of course, if Jesus viewed homosexuality as “sexual immorality,” then he mentioned it at least a few times. And if we consider what he said about marriage, we can also question whether or not homosexuality is part of God’s perfect will.

The first thing that Jesus says about marriage, actually talks about divorce. I only address this because if you look up what Jesus says about marriage, this is the one that everyone talks about. Many think that those who have divorced should never remarry, and if you were the one who was sexually immoral or you were already a Christian when you divorced and your spouse didn’t cheat on you, then perhaps you should stay single. I’ll leave that between you and Christ. But I’m convinced that when Jesus inserted, “except for marital unfaithfulness”, He was making a way for those who’d been wronged to have another relationship.

But the other thing that Jesus says about marriage is one that we ignore. He says we’re ignorant about marriage. There won’t be any marriage in heaven. Even if you’re married now, you won’t be in heaven. So, if there’s no marriage in heaven, why are we married here on earth? The only explanation is for procreation. God made Adam and Eve male and female, one man for one woman. He blessed the humans that He loved and gave them pleasure in the procreation process, but as with most of our blessings, humans perverted it.

As a Christian, I can find no way around the Bible’s mandate that homosexuality is wrong, as is sex outside of marriage. In Hebrews it says to keep the marriage bed pure. The big Ten specifically says no adultery (which is not cheating on your spouse – it is having sex with someone you are not married to). I Corinthians 6:18 even goes so far as to tell us that sexual immorality may be worse than other sins because this is a sin against one’s own body.

I don’t want to pick on the sin of homosexuality. I believe it is the same sin as pre-marital sex and adultery, no worse than either of these much more socially acceptable sins. Plus, I believe in God’s eyes it’s not even any worse than stealing a pen from the bank or telling your mother she looks beautiful in that hideous dress. I believe that God judges the severity of our sin based on the hardness of our heart, which explains why we see taking that pen as a much more innocent faux pas than cheating on our spouse. It’s easy to unintentionally stick that pen in your pocket. There’s a little more planning involved in sleeping with your co-worker. But if one schemes to steal the pen, then . . .

I don’t like confrontation. I don’t like to make a big deal about sin. I prefer to make a big deal about forgiveness. I prefer to allow the Holy Spirit to convict us of sin; however, as the world covers sin up and makes excuses for it more and more, it’s imperative that I reiterate what scripture says. You see, my silence could be construed as “I don’t care if you go to hell.” And that’s not the truth. I don’t want anyone to miss out on eternal life with our Creator. Ultimately, God will decide who gets that gift. I can’t begin to say whether or not you will be excluded. However, I do know what the Bible says about what is displeasing to God. So, while I confess my pride and gluttony (yep, both are sins) and give them to my Heavenly Father over and over to clean them up, I hope you will see your sin as sin so that you can be right with God and experience the fullness of the abundance of His blessings.


One person read my blog post last night . . . pretty sure that’s it. I guess it’s good that I write more to get things off my chest than to have them read.

I’ve been on Facebook a good bit today . . . probably more than I should. I’m so disheartened by all the “celebratepride” profile pictures. It’s not the pictures of those who I know don’t call themselves Christian. It’s the believers, especially some that I didn’t realize had abandoned the truth of God’s Word. I’m debating staying off of Facebook for a week or so . . . my chest is actually heavy every time I see another rainbowed profile pic of someone who I thought cared about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

I’ve never made a big deal about the homosexual issue. You see, I believe that if I help people find Jesus, HE will show them the truth. I am convinced that pushing a “be straight” agenda will not advance the gospel of Jesus Christ and that helping people be “straight” and not Christian will just send a lot of straight people to hell.

Maybe I should have made a bigger deal about it in the past. Maybe I should have pushed the issue. But the honest truth is that all of those who are pushing the issue have the population convinced that I and those like me are bigots and are haters. If I share my opinion, it is assumed I am a homophobe. It’s always amazed me that I’m a hater if I have an opinion, but those who hate my opinion are justified in bullying me into hiding my opinion.

The trick now is to share my opinion, to take a stand, without being judgmental or condemning. There’s so much I want to say. So many people’s statuses that I’ve almost commented on today. Instead I’ve kept a lot to myself and I’m starting to feel anxiety when I see a rainbow.

I hope at the very least this issue is calling all Bible believers to prayer . . .