Christian Values

– – – big sigh – – –

Yep, that’s how I feel. The political/religious debating is wearing me out. Both sides are causing me to be weary.

First, those who feel the need to “protect” the United States from the Christians. Some call them radical liberals. I personally don’t care much about (or for) the labels. I just don’t understand why every other religion is welcome in our country now, but Christianity has become taboo. We can talk about Ramadan. I’m pretty certain if I wanted to raise awareness about Kwanzaa, no one would say a word. But because I choose to celebrate Christmas and Easter, I have to change my greeting or risk being chastised.

I don’t celebrate either of those first two holidays regardless, I’d never be offended because someone who did wished me a blessing on that day. But despite the fact that the majority of Americans celebrate Christmas (as Christmas) regardless of any religious affiliation, we are forced to bow to the minority and say “Happy Holidays.”

And I’m not sure why, when I express my opinion to this segment of the political arena, I’m seen as mean or offensive. I don’t intend to be either. All I really want to do is let folks know how I feel. No one has to agree with me or even like what I have to say. But I really believe that as an American citizen I have the right to say what I want without fear of reprimand. I thought that was what the first amendment was all about. I’ll give the other side their time. If only the side that is labeled “right” could have the same consideration.

But truthfully, that’s not the only side that has me in turmoil. My fellow American Christians are equally as frustrating.

I find it admirable that my brothers and sisters in the faith want Christian Values to remain a part of America’s framework. After all, it’s these very principles and morals that built this country and made it strong.

In her early days, the people of the United States were Christian. They were followers of Jesus Christ. It made sense that all of our laws and ethics were built around the scripture. In 2010, however, the USA is a very different picture. Melting pot does not begin to describe the diversity of religions and faiths we find here.

This is where the problem arises. We, who carry the label conservative or right, want this nation to maintain the Christian values of our forefathers; however, we aren’t doing anything (or enough) to bring people to Christ. It’s naive to think that those who don’t know Christ will want to live by virtues our Savior endorsed and His Father introduced.

We fight to make abortion and same gender marriage illegal, but we do very little to build the Kingdom of God which would allow the Holy Spirit to change the hearts of those who think that these two issues are really granting freedom to the persecuted.

So often we who love Christ make Him look bad by fighting battles Christ would never have fought. Our battle is not against flesh and blood. If we are not fighting the battle on our knees, we have no business fighting it with our voice. Look at Christ in the scripture. He is generally at odds with the religious leaders of his day. He didn’t even argue with Pilate. Our Savior treated the Roman soldiers and officials with complete respect. He was not only kind, but sympathetic to those who were living outside of God’s commands. The only time we see the Son of God upset is when the religious leaders are acting in a way that God never intended, when the People of God are making God look bad.

As born again Christians, it is our responsibility to live in such a way as to make those who are against God “ashamed because they have nothing bad to say about us.” (Titus 2:8) Friends, I encourage you to not get sucked into the rhetoric and the frustration caused by those who don’t know Christ. We must live in the Spirit, listening to the Spirit leading us. Until we, with love, help the world find true life in Christ, we must not be disappointed that they don’t want to live by Christian Values.

Until that time, pray for our Nation and our President. I believe there are a couple of political truths: 1. With God Nothing Is Impossible (Luke 1:37) and 2. God directs the heart of the king (Proverbs 21:1). I know that it doesn’t always seem as such, but in God’s scheme of things what is seen in the physical has Spiritual ramifications and reasons that we can’t begin to understand. I believe that God has everything under control and my only plan in the midst of this turmoil and frustration is to live like it! xanax dose iv whether with rigid
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