Delicate Issues

I have been very hesitant to comment on a recent political issue from the Ohio Valley that has made National news. There’s no way for me to respond without someone thinking I’m judging or even worse, a person who promotes hate. There is one issue in the political eye right now that has a third option, and those of us who live in that third realm are forced into silence.

What I haven’t figured out yet is this: Why can’t I have an opinion? Why when I express an opinion am I automatically labeled and condemned? Why can’t I disapprove of a lifestyle and still care deeply about the person living that lifestyle? Why are my only choices to agree with the lifestyle or hate those who live the lifestyle? I just don’t get it.

I’m referring to the Boy Scouts of America being harassed about their stance on the homosexual lifestyle. The BSA has a long history of standing up for what they believe in without bullying or being mean. They have made it clear that they stand for Biblical Christian principles and have given up funding to maintain their integrity. Now, because of a policy that has been in force for more years than I know, they have been labeled as haters.

Unfortunately, there is one church in America that has given the impression that Christians hate those who practice homosexuality. And while there are a bunch who think that’s what the Bible says, there are more of us who understand that Jesus talked more about treating even sinners with love than judging. In fact, the only people Jesus ever really treated with contempt were the church leaders who were pious and judging. On the other hand, Jesus also showed us that it is possible to love a person without approving of his or her lifestyle, and I believe that’s how the Boy Scouts Organization is handling this issue of homosexual leaders.

The woman in Bridgeport, Ohio who was a scout leader is probably a wonderful person. She seems to genuinely care for the boys. However, to allow her to continue in the position would make it seem as though they approve of her lifestyle, and if they truly believe the Bible and everything it says, approval of the gay and lesbian lifestyle is impossible. I don’t know about all of the Boy Scout policies, but I personally hope they also ban those parents who choose to live with a person of the opposite gender outside of marriage, because as much as Christians hate to admit it, pre-marital heterosexual relations are exactly the same as homosexual relations. Both are sexual sins. It’s not a popular theory. Pre-marital sex has become socially acceptable even among Christians. However, if you study the Bible, you’ll discover it’s true.

As you might imagine, I have a lot of friends and family who are involved in pre-marital relations. They live together and have children together. Most of them are aware that I don’t approve of their lifestyle, but I hope that all of them know that I care about them, and in the case of some of my close family, I hope they understand, I love them. Jesus didn’t agree with the woman at the well, and He didn’t approve of Peter when He lied and denied Him, but He didn’t stop loving either of them, and I don’t have to agree with someone to care about them and even love them.

To be honest, I don’t think I’m the only Christian who feels this way. We can’t speak out against the scout leader because we don’t want to condone the hate that does exist against the homosexual lifestyle, but we won’t sign the petition to force the Boy Scouts to change their position because the organization deserves to follow their convictions. This isn’t a matter of discrimination. It has nothing to do with hate. This is a matter of believing that scripture holds the the ultimate truth and the answer to eternal life, and not wanting children to think that we approve of things that the Bible is clear is not a healthy lifestyle if we want to find the abundance that Jesus promised.

I know not everyone will agree with me, so your comments will have to be moderated, but feel free to leave your opinions below.

I do have one more question . . . Doesn’t it bother anyone that the scout leader from Bridgeport lied and deceived the organization for years. She knew the policies when she signed on, she agreed to abide by their by-laws. From what I understand, she could have been a girl scout leader without a problem. Why did she choose to purposefully deceive? Why doesn’t it seem to bother anyone besides me that she did?

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