Do on Do & Rule on Rule

Isaiah 27 & 28

This prophecy in Isaiah speaks volumes to the church today.  Isaiah prophesied that so-called priests and prophets would become drunkards and stumble.  He said that they would make a list of “do’s” for the people and that religion would become rules.  In Isaiah’s day these words in verse 28:10 that have been translated into English were meaningless jibberish, perhaps a symbol of the words coming from the mouths of the prophets and priests.  Is it more than just coincidence, though, that these words of jibberish were translated into words that more than describe the state of the church? 

Why does the church want to live in a world of rules and do’s and don’ts?  God said that He wanted to give us a place of rest, a place where we could get away from the world and just bask in His presence.  No rules required.  Fact is in Chapter 27, God said that he would welcome even the briars and thorns if they would only come to Him. 

The good news is God has laid the stone in Zion.  The precious cornerstone has come.  Jesus Christ is alive and waiting to be the one in whom we trust.  “the one who trusts will never be dismayed.”  Christ annuls our covenant with death.  The agreement we have with death does not stand when we put our trust in Him.  He takes away the lies, He brings only truth.  Jesus has no “rules,” no “do’s”.   He only asks that we follow.  Find the path that He is walking and walk down that same path.  He’ll guide us every step of the way. 

The problem is that the church has believed the lie for so long, she has clung to the “rules” for protection and power, she doesn’t realize the freedom that awaits in trusting the “foundation” that God Himself laid.  The church is living like ancient Israel, “a lie” is her “refuge,” a “falsehood” is her “hiding place.” 

It’s time for the church of the 21st Century to stand up and be different.  It’s time to abandon the “rules” and follow the path, throw out the list of “do’s” and stand on the solid foundation.   Justice is the only measuring line, righteousness is the only plumb line.  And the name of Justice and Righteousness is Jesus Christ.

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