For Indie Authors

For years I’ve been reviewing books on NetGalley and for Thomas Nelson Publishers. You can find many of my reviews here and on Amazon as well as GoodReads. As an Indie Author, I’ve been frustrated with the number of folks who want us to pay a lot of money to get reviews.

Reviews provide legitimacy for our work. We need reviews. So I’m offering to review one Indie Author every month. I’ll consider works of every genre, and I’ll even buy the book.

Additionally, Christian books I give at least a four star review will be included on the sidebar of this page (I do get a few cents from Amazon for those sales).

Here are my guidelines:

  1. I will not read work containing profanity or sexually explicit scenes.
  2. While I will read every genre, if I get more submissions than I have time to read, my preferences will be for
    – Christian Books of any Genre
    – Historic Fiction
  3. Make sure your work is well edited. I usually don’t give ratings of less than three stars, however, if you request a review, and your work is subpar, I will be honest in my rating and review.

To submit your work for review, fill out the form below.

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