God is Bigger than the Boogie Man

I’m still reading Isaiah. Beginning in Isaiah 40 and reading through chapter 42, I can’t help thinking, “God is big!” I wrote in my journal:

God is much bigger than we can imagine.
God is Big – He is in Control
God will rescue – He will save
God will bless – He will turn desolation into blessing
God has sent His Servant to be our covenant
God will not forsake those who follow Him.

That’s just a synopsis of those chapters, but it made me wonder:
“Lord, I believe all that to be true, and as I read on in Chapter 42, ‘Are my eyes blind like Israel? Are my ears deaf like your chosen people?'”

Is God in the midst of rescuing, so I don’t really see it? In the midst of the desolation is it too difficult for me to see the restoration, the blessing? Is the reason that it’s hard to hear God because I’m not following Him as closely as I should? Am I too far away? Or is it the din of the sin and tragedy of this world that keeps the voice of God seem so distant?

I need answers . . . I need to see the hand of God moving . . .

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