Happy St. Patrick’s Day

I was looking for graphics the other day for March.  I usually stay away from the whole Leprechaun and pot of gold stuff and stay in the spring/shamrock zone.   However, when I did a search for shamrock, it was mostly 4 leaf clovers.   Seems harmless, huh?   However, it appears as though it’s just another way the enemy has found to distract everyone from St. Patrick’s claim to fame.    The reason we use Shamrock’s is because St. Patrick used one to illustrate the Trinity, three leaves making up one full shamrock just like it takes the Father, the Son AND the Holy Spirit (the Trinity) to give us a complete picture of God.  

So, when the world switches out their symbol for “good luck” for St. Patrick’s symbol for the Trinity, they again try to make us believe that luck is bigger and better than God.   I’m going to try to find subtle ways to remind people of the Trinity in the next 17 days.  Might as well take advantage of every opportunity to celebrate Christ, even a Christian holiday that the world has turned into a celebration of Green Beer.

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