History Repeats Itself

I’m currently reading the book of Joshua (the sixth book of the Bible). It’s a gory book, full of battles, blood and destruction, probably not fit reading for a child under the age of 13. However, as I read today, I was once again given the impression that America is mirroring ancient Israel.

In the book of Joshua, Israel enters Canaan. She is brought home to her promised land, the earth God swore on oath to Abraham would be hers one day. The stories of this ancient nations conquest in the Middle East remind me of my history lessons when some pilgrims and nationalists took over this country for themselves. You see, Israel couldn’t lose. In those first days following the crossing of the Jordan, only one battle was lost. They could not defeat Ai because of one man’s sin. However, once that sin was eradicated, this young nation could not be stopped. The Sovereign Lord went ahead of them in every battle, and the only time they got into trouble was when they ran ahead of Him, forgot to ask Him for direction or allowed blatant sin to live in their midst. Armies fell before them often defeating themselves because the Spirit of God struck fear in them.

Early America was much the same, there was no battle she undertook that even the enemy was not sure she would win. Nothing could stop the young country that was “one nation under God.” In those golden days, much like Israel, America owed no one. We quickly became the protector of the weak and the advocate for the persecuted. Foriegnors flocked to our shores to find freedom from government and tyranny.

Like Israel, as we head into our three hundredth year of liberty, we have begun to forget the One who gave us our freedom. This nation no longer reveres or respects her Creator. She has dismissed Edmund Burke’s wisdom, “Those who do not remember history are destined to repeat it.” According to Barna, of those who call themselves Christian 16% or less read the Bible everyday. That’s less than 2 out of every 100 people. I’m guessing if we confined that poll to politicians who call themselves Christian, the number would decrease significantly.

Read the Bible. God warned that big government would be the death of His nation. He predicted that those who claimed to be undaunted followers would not teach their children to respect and worship Him, and before the people even entered the promised land, they knew if they turned their back on the Father, He would punish them by allowing other nations to invade, attack and destroy them.

America is currently under attack for being a Christian nation; however, we aren’t living like we’re a Christian nation. We’ve given into government and the almighty dollar. We’ve become so “loving” of others we don’t care if they go to hell. Our Sabbath is a joke, and our morality is a farse. America’s integrity wears thin and the respect she used to command has turned into snickers and grins. America, like ancient Israel, is headed on a path to destruction, better known in Isaiah as exile. Our only hope is faith in Jesus Christ.

How many times in history does God have to show us what faith in Him can do? Much of the history I’m referring to can be found in books other than the Bible, although even historians will say the Bible is an accurate portrayal of history even if they don’t agree with the theology.

You want America back? You had best quit putting your trust in politicians or political parties. Not even the Tea Party will save our beloved country from the fate she is destined to if she continues down the path she’s chosen. It doesn’t matter if you love the current President or you hate him (and from where I sit, I don’t see too many folks neutral on that subject). Until this “Christian Nation” begins to ACT like a Christian nation, we are doomed. I don’t know if it’s a mark of the end of the world or not. Part of me hopes so, I’d prefer not to be around when America is no longer the land of the free, and I’d rather my children and grandchildren not have to face that day either.

Like Israel, America must choose . . . You must choose for yourselves who you will serve, the God of all Creation and His Son Jesus Christ or the powers of this land and the prince of this present darkness. As for me and my house . . . we will serve the Lord.

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