I Confess . . . Sometimes I Judge

I don’t mean to.

Really, I don’t . . . but I know I do.

Twice in the last few days I felt the disgust that comes with judgement rise up in my soul. It was because of posts on Facebook. Sometimes I wonder if I should delete my account, but then I read a post from a cousin who lives far away, or see pictures of a nephew who I just don’t have time to connect with often and remember the good outweighs the bad.

But back to the judging. I’m just going to put it out here. Because while I need to have a different attitude within my spirit toward the individuals involved, the issues I’m having with their actions are not wrong.

The Bible tells me I can’t judge even the actions of those outside the church. And, you know what? I’m actually pretty good at that! I don’t have much problem with someone who doesn’t claim to be following Christ doing things that don’t honor Christ. Sinners will sin . . . it’s what we do!

But the Bible also tells me if a brother or sister is caught in sin, I should gently reprove them. THIS is what I have problems with. There’s not much love in my heart when I see those hypocritical posts on Facebook. When I hear someone preaching about what the Bible says and they are blatantly living a lifestyle outside of scripture, my judgmental spirit kicks in.

I’m not talking about a sin here or there. What bothers me is the sinful lifestyle. We’re all going to do things that aren’t Christ honoring from time to time. We’re human, it’s going to happen. But people who put themselves in a lifestyle that is anything but Christian, and then start preaching . . . well that makes my blood boil.

I’m specifically talking about adultery.

Twice in the last couple of weeks, men whom I don’t know well, not well enough to rebuke, got up on their soapbox to share their scriptural opinion. Now, you might wonder how I know about their lifestyle if I don’t know them well. I know their significant others very well.

Both of these men started dating someone I know well while they were still married. One of them was married himself, the other calls himself a pastor. They both moved in with their sweethearts while the girls were still married. And both women were excited to have found a nice Christian man. Do you see my problem?

So now when I see their posts defending their political view with the Bible, giving scriptural advice and comfort to my real friends, I get angry.

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could feel some compassion toward them, if I wanted to help them see the truth. But all I feel is angry. I want to send them private messages explaining their folly. But until I feel less judgmental, I just can’t . . . no matter how “right” my observation is.

So, I’ll be working on the judgement . . . trying to love more . . . trying to be more like Christ. In the meantime, if you’re reading this and it hits home, do me a favor and talk to Jesus, be honest with yourself and Him, and do things the right way. It will really save me some frustration!

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