I have an opinion about those who support Socialism

Saturday we worked to make the walkway between our garage and house look nicer. As I dug dirt so there would be room to put the drain pipe in so the water will stay out of the garage, I developed some opinions about those who support Socialism.

I’m assuming if you think Socialism is a good idea, then either:

  1. You are lazy
  2.  You have guilt ridden wealth OR
  3. You don’t think for yourself

I just can’t figure out any other reason a person might believe that someone who does no work at all should have all the same things as someone who was willing to sweat and hurt the way I did Saturday.

Now, before you get all defensive . . . I’m not talking about those who are disabled. In fact, everyone I know who has some sort of anything that others would call a true “disability” works as much as they can or wishes they could. There are no lazy disabled people in my life. Maybe I live in a fairy tale world, but that’s the truth.

I’m not even talking about those who are working full time, but can’t quite make ends meet. Nope, I know several people who are using the welfare system the right way. They are doing as much as they possibly can, and then getting a bit of help so they can feed their kids.

I’m talking about true Socialism where everyone lives on the same amount of money and the government decides who needs more and who needs less.

Doctors go to school for years and give up sleep for a lot of those years. They have skills that few have, so yes, they are going to make more money. And yes, I wish firemen and police officers could make the same, because they are every bit as valuable; however, taxes pay their wages. Truth is, if we really thought they should make more, we’d take some of what we make and donate it to the city earmarking it for those wages.

When I was out there sweating, using the shovel and rake, digging a ditch, shoveling limestone, wishing I could get a shower, I figured out why Socialism can’t work. Cause the truth is this: if someone not willing to work that hard can have exactly what I have after working that hard, I’m not gonna work that hard. Period. End of story.

It’s not that I’m all about myself. I like to help others. But I like to help others who need a hand UP, not a hand OUT.

So  . . . just my two cents . . . and I think it’s a little bit Biblical since 2 Thessalonians 3:10 says “The one who does not work shall not eat.”

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