I missed going to Church today

Anyone who knows me understands that I love worship, especially cooperate worship, and MOST especially with the folks I call family at Sycamore Tree Church. Today I wasn’t able to go. I’m fine, but my mother-in-law stayed with us this weekend and at 12:15 p.m. she’s still not out of bed. There’s also at least four new inches of snow out there, so we anticipated on 15 or so in worship (and we were correct). So when mom was still in bed at 9:15 (when we should have been heading out) we decided I would stay with her and Steve would lead a Bible Study today instead of full blown worship. But I didn’t want to let the circumstances keep me from my special weekly time with Jesus.

I have at least 20 minutes a day with Christ, but I look forward to Sundays because it’s two solid hours of me focused on Christ and His bride. I like that. So today I took that two hours and sat with my journal and my Bible. I listened to a couple of songs on Pandora’s Contemporary Christian Music station and I prayed and journaled. I read Isaiah 6 and Psalm 91. I meditated on those two passages and wrote at length in my journal as well as the prayer journal I’m keeping for my sister while she’s on an overseas mission trip. I won’t share the entire contents of those pages (mostly because to someone not in my head it may seem like rambling), but I will share this bit of prose that ended my worship time today:

You are all I need
I want your word
But You are all I need
I cherish your people
But You are all I need
I am grateful for food and shelter
But You are all I need
I am blessed to have the family that I do
But You are all I need
Your grace is abundant
Your mercy flows like a massive waterfall
Your gifts are beautiful
Your glory fills my life
You are all I need

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