I’m Singin’ ‘Bout a Baby

I’m Singin’ ‘Bout a Baby                                        
© 2008 Lynne Modranski Music

I’m singin’ ‘bout a baby  I’m singin’ bout a manger
I’m singin’ ‘bout a baby in a manger came to save me
I’m singin’ ‘bout an angel, I’m singin’ ‘bout some shepherds
I’m singin’ ‘bout an angel telling shepherds about a baby

He is the Way, He is the Truth, He is the Life
He is God’s Only Son, the Light of the World
He came to live so He could die to be a perfect sacrifice
He gave it all for me, all for me
I’m singin’ ‘bout Jesus, I’m singin’ ‘bout a Savior

I’m singin’ ’bout Jesus, I’m singin’ ’bout a Savior
I’m singin’ ‘bout Jesus He’s my Savior came to set me free
I’m singin’ ‘bout the Father, I’m singin’ ‘bout how He loved the world
I’m singin’ ‘how the Father loved the world and sent a baby


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