Into the Free Book Review

Author: Julie Cantrell
Publisher: David C. Cook

This story of real life abuse over a period of seven years finally got my attention and held it pretty well after the first seven chapters. I felt as though it started a little slow and occasionally the main character shared “flashbacks” that didn’t really lend enough relevancy to have included them.

I found the story good, but a bit predictable, and as with most stories of this nature, the fact that the main character is able to just “make up her mind” to change without any support system or even a real conversion bothers me. It seems to lead folks to believe that all of the trauma of watching 16 years of abuse can be overcome with just a change of mind and scenery.

For a book touted as Christian fiction, I found the book lacking in a real Christian message. The author attempted to demonstrate a couple of hypocritical Christian images and for a moment contrasted it to one more real Christian image with no explanation of what the difference was. And while the “ghost” in the story was a comforting character and well-developed, I’m not sure I’m comfortable recommending a book with such a character to a young Christian.

If this book was secular fiction, I’d give it a slightly higher than mediocre recommendation; it was pretty well written and had a story line that held my attention as long as the author kept to the story and refrained from those unnecessary flash backs. However, if you’re looking for Christian fiction, I don’t recommend it. I think that Christian fiction should do more than just mention God. This book lacks several of the elements I enjoy finding in Christian fiction, including an emphasis on Jesus Christ and how to have a relationship with Him.

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