I’ve made it into Jeremiah.  The prophet of gloom he is often called.  And it’s no wonder.  I read chapters 1 & 2 today.  Chapter 2 is pretty clear regarding God’s opinion of Israel during the reign of Josiah.  But read it again.  Similar to Isaiah, substitute America for Israel, Jacob, Zion, Jerusalem or anything that you know means the people of Israel. 

God says, “I remember the devotion of your youth.”  Do you think He says that now to America?  Does He remember 400+ years ago when people came from Europe to escape religious persecution?  They were dedicated to following God and came here to this land so they could worship Him in truth instead of the lie that the throne was forcing on them.   Does God look at America and say, “I remember when.”?  Not the “I remember” of those who think they remember the “good old days,” but an “I remember” when worshipping God was the center of this country’s existence, back when the only reason someone would come to such a crude and unrefined place was to have an opportunity to worship.  Does he remember when people loved Him so much they were willing to cross a scary ocean, face disease, death and the prospect of the unknown just so they could bring their children up in a place where God could be glorified without fear of persecution?

Jump ahead now 500 years.  What does God see now?  He sees people “remembering when” all right.  Remember when that steel mill was up and running.  Remember when kids were innocent.  Remember when . . . remember when.  These folks have a new god, the god of the past.  They spend so much time focused on what was, they’ve forgotten what God called them to be. 

God says, “What fault did you find in me?”  How can we answer?  Why did America as a whole abandon the truth about our Creator.  Oh, I know there are pockets of those who still worship God in truth.  The Bible calls that a remnant.  What about the rest of America?  What fault have they found in God?  Why would they trade the worship of an Almighty Provider, for the worship of worthless idols?  Yet, that’s what America has done.  The only difference is our idols are “American Idols,” politicians, movie stars, comedians, sports personalities and the like.  We put their faces and numbers on our clothing in much the same way as we put a cross on a chain around our neck.  America has minimized our Savior to a trinket and given Him the same classification as our TV hero.  Even Israel didn’t completely give up on God, they merely made Him one of their many gods. 

America/ancient Israel . . . who can really tell the difference.  “Consider, America, how evil and bitter it is for us when we turn our backs on the Lord our God and don’t stand in awe of Him” (Jeremiah 2:19b) We still have time . . . YOU still have time.  Choose for yourselves this day who you will serve . . .

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