It Hurts – March 12, 2015

I’m obviously a people pleaser. I want folks to think well of me, and it hurts when I’m misunderstood. The worst part is, most of time I don’t really care. But there are a few people (most of them related) that I value their opinion. So when I’m misunderstood or the person judges me without foundation, I feel hurt. And it’s not just hurt feelings, I actually feel pain. I can’t breathe and my chest feels heavy.

I think the worst part of it all is the part of me that wants to defend myself. My life has been crazy lately, and I responded to a Facebook message in haste. I didn’t think I said anything that could be misconstrued, but obviously I was wrong. So the response I got back was hurtful.

My first instinct is to defend myself, but that would just start a banter and make it worse. So, I just have to repent for my hasty words and remind myself that Christ knows my heart. He never misunderstands my comments. He knows that I meant no harm. He never reads more into a statement than is actually there. And in those statements, there is healing. I still feel bad, but I can breathe, and by tomorrow morning I’ll be fine.

Thank you, Jesus, that you really know me. . .

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