Jesus is My Lord

The phrase “the Lord” has bothered me for years. I can’t even bring myself to say it. It sounds so patronizing to me. I’ve never understood my hesitation with the phrase. I only know that every time I hear it or see it, it sets off alarms inside of me. Yesterday, I finally discovered the root of my problem.

Now, before you read any further, I want to make sure you understand this is MY problem. I don’t think that those who use the phrase are blasphemous or disrespectful. This is simply my revelation into what makes me “me” and hopefully food for thought for those who might stumble across this blog and read it from time to time.

Yesterday I saw a sign that used the phrase, “the Lord.” I don’t even remember the rest of the sign because that phrase nagged at me. I didn’t think badly of the church that used the phrase, but I have a terrible time with it, and my thoughts were focused on the “why” of my struggle. It didn’t take very long for my decades long problem to finally find it’s source.

I discovered that in my life I am not comfortable using the article . . . Jesus cannot be THE Lord, it’s imperative that He is MY Lord. Obviously my problem can’t have it’s roots in any Biblical sources because the phrase is used at least 434 times in the New Testament alone (gotta love the internet searches). However, on more than one occasion Jesus described Himself as Lord, but seldom used the article (at least in the English – I’m not a Greek scholar, so I don’t have a clue what it might be in the original tongue).

Putting “the” before Lord will be used by much of the Christian world, and it will be perfectly acceptable. However, much like the ancient scribes could not write Yahweh without first washing their hands, I must reserve the word for the times I am talking about a personal relationship. Jesus Christ is My Lord and Savior, and I am grateful.

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