Life Changes – March 11, 2015

Today my mother-in-law moved in with me. I feel so bad for her. She has dementia or alzheimers or something. Whatever it is, she really wants to live at her house on her own, and she just can’t anymore, and that makes her mad and sad.

She had been living with my sister-in-law (her daughter), but it just wasn’t working out. She seems to respond best to me. Sometimes I think it’s because she never knew me as a child. I’ve always been an adult in her life. I think she doesn’t like the idea of her children telling her what to do, but I can get away with it easier. Whatever the reason, it means life is changing.

I have a nice routine that I enjoy, but I don’t think I’m going to get to live that anymore. The grandkids coming over are going to be stressful for mom, and I won’t be able to slip out for lunch with my sisters as easily as I have in the past. It will be very different.

But we do what we have to do and we praise God in the midst of it because He still loves us and even though I don’t understand His plans or His ways, I trust Him to know and do what’s best for me and the ones that I love. Life is changing, and right now I’m not sure I like it, but I am certain that the One who loves me most will make it into a Romans 8:28 event. That’s just what He does!

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