Today I came up with a new health care reform – We’ll keep the current funding system with these changes in qualifications – Let’s see how many votes I can get:

1. Anyone gainfully employed at least 30 hours per week in a job that doesn’t provide health insurance is eligible as well as all dependents enrolled in school and/or college and maintain at least 95% present attendance record. Any unemployed adult or minor whose attendance record is less than 95% may qualify for health insurance under SSI (see below)

2. Adults attending college are eligible for up to four years with no employment or 8 years with employment of at least 20 hours per week.

3. 4 pay stubs or more must be presented to qualify. A report card/transcript from the school stating the number of days present as well as the number of school days must be presented for those attending school. Copies of these documents must be presented every three months.

4. To fund additional persons added to the nation’s current health care, every person on SSI/Disability will be reevaluated immediately and again annually. Person’s currently on SSI will need two doctors to confirm they are disabled to the point they are unable to work or report the percent of disability. This must be reported annually. Doctors will be required to report annually their total number of patients as well as the number they have recommended for disability that year. Physicians referring more than their county’s average for disability will be under immediate scrutiny and those found to be falsifying records will be blacklisted making them ineligible to recommend persons for disability status. These physicians will also be reported to the medical association for their review. Anyone having been recommended for disability by a blacklisted physician will be required to provide recommendations from two additional physicians within 30 days to avoid losing disability benefits. The monies saved from those ineligible to receive SSI should cover the additional persons added to the health coverage from part 1.

5. Persons turned down for SSI may be reevaluated by presenting recommendations from 2 physicians as well as signatures from 10 or more persons currently paying taxes and not eligible for government health care as determined in part 1.

6. All those who believe the most recent health care bill that passed on March 21, 2010, offering health care not only to those who are hard working, but also to those who are illegal aliens, those who work under the table making more than hard working tax payers and those who are simply too lazy to work, will be allowed to voluntarily pay into a fund that can be used to cover the medical expenses of those who don’t qualify for any other plan. Those folks can decide who gets what because the rest of us understand that even the Bible says, “he who won’t work won’t eat.”

OK now, someone can come up with a plan to fix welfare so those who are actually TRYING to make ends meet by working can still get some help.

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