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I’ve been working on this one for the past several months. Based on 2 Kings 5 it uses the story of Naaman to help us find healing for our heart. I think Naaman’s leprosy resembles our own ailment that I call heart leprosy throughout the book.

Just like Naaman took seven dips to restore his diseased skin, this book looks at seven actions Christ can use to cleanse our heart. Sin and abuses we’ve suffered put callouses on our heart. Over the years they get tougher and tougher, but Jesus wants to change that!

As of May 2019 I’m building a launch team for this book. If you’d like to get an advance PDF copy, just fill out the form below. I’ll choose 100 people who are willing to review and promote the book to help with the Launch. I hope you’ll consider being a part!

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