Thoughts on the Oklahoma Disasters of May 2013

I am overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings about the current disasters in Oklahoma right now. I feel so bad for all of the families affected by this devastation. At the same time, I see the moral compass of our Country and can’t help but wonder how much of the tremendous disaster is a result of our nation turning away from God

Please don’t get me wrong. I don’t think the people affected by those horrendous storms are worse than the rest of us. I don’t even believe that God caused this horrific disaster. However, what if we should have been subject to this kind of traumatic events for years, decades or even centuries? What if the only reason we have escaped such severe weather since America’s founding was that God’s protective hand has been covering us?

Every time a hurricane hits that is worse than the last, each time a tornado is wider or leaves behind more victims than ever before, I speculate. Every flood, every shooting leaves me troubled. Not simply because of the number of innocent lives affected, but also the fear that the One who has been protecting and caring for this country since men and women sought freedom to worship is beginning to allow America to experience a fate similar to that of His chosen people, Israel, more than 2000 years ago.

How far do we have to fall before we turn back to the truth? How many innocent people have to die or live through extreme devastation before we realize we need our Creator and are better off as a nation when we are willing to follow Christ and worship the God of our forefathers?

I am not afraid of men with guns or natural disaster. The increased risk of infectious disease and epidemic of cancer does not give me much pause. However, living life outside of the protective will of the Sovereign Lord, my King, Jesus Christ is terrifying! I will choose to serve God most High. I will pray He looks with favor on me and my family (physical and spiritual), and I will try to live in such a way that the world might see Jesus more clearly than even before.

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