People Everywhere Looking for Freedom and Abundance

I read Facebook posts, and I talk to folks everyday. I see the look in their eyes, I hear the despair in their voice. I read the posts that sound hopeless. On the other hand, I meet folks who are sure they have found the answer to life’s problems. Some are even seeking God through it. They say, “I’m praying,” “I’ve made up my mind . . .” Both are good, excellent even. Neither are the answer . . .

There is only one way that I’ve found to experience true freedom, only one method to really live in the abundance that Christ talked about in John 10:10. I don’t always get it right, but on those occasions that I do, I’m even more convinced that the Bible holds the answer and Christ is the secret.

Matthew 6:33 says, “Seek ye first the Kingdom of God . . .” The Psalms tell us to “delight yourself in the Lord” and to “Be Still and Know that I am God.” 2 Chronicles 7:14 says “If my people . . . will . . . seek my face . . .” Jesus told the rich young ruler to give up everything to follow God if He wanted to find real life. And even though we may not count ourselves rich, most of us are not really willing to give up our free will and our good deeds to simply live “in Christ.” Did you know that the phrase “in Christ” is used at least 89 times in the Bible? Ephesians, with only four chapters, uses “in Christ,” “in Jesus Christ,” “in Him” and similar phrases over 20 times.

The answer to life’s problems is to live “in Christ.” You can not retrain your mind, but focusing on your heavenly Father can put the things in your mind in proper perspective. You can not overcome a bad habit, but by being “in Christ” you can be made completely new, as if you’d never even had that bad habit. When we allow our world to become all wrapped up in Jesus, our world becomes different and new.

So, don’t try so hard. Don’t “get over it.” Don’t worry about changing yourself. Focus on Jesus Christ. Remember that we can do nothing without Him, then spend time with Him everyday. Long for Him, desire Him like the person you hope to woo to be your beloved. When He is everything, everything else will become nothing. Problems won’t go away, but they will be put into perspective.

Spend today just focusing on Christ. Delight yourself in Him (Psalm 37:4). He’s waiting to give you everything . . . every desire of your heart . . .

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