Review of “The Voice” – A New Bible from Thomas Nelson Publishers

When I read the overview of this new version of the scriptures, I was kind of excited; however, after reading synopsis here and there as well as most of Romans, I’m a bit disappointed. As I read, I just kept thinking, “This sounds so much like the other versions. Do we really need another one?”

The Kindle version I received as a pre-release needs some editing. There are places where the text stops in the middle of the verse and picks up a few verses later. The fact that the names of the Books are only at the beginning of the section also makes it a difficult book to navigate and the chapter numbers are very subliminal (perhaps on purpose so it reads more like a book, but since it is scripture and I sometimes like to look at new versions compared to several others, it’s just not my cup of tea).

The text itself seems to be true to other versions I enjoy (my favorites are the NIV and NCV as well as the Message), so while I don’t find anything WRONG with it, “The Voice” doesn’t give me the feeling of being something new and fresh.

All in all, while I can’t say this is the version to be sure to buy, it’s not necessarily “bad”. If you’re looking for a different read, something to get you out of the traditional versions, “The Voice” might work quite well for you; however, if you already have one of the more contemporary translations, don’t bother.

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