Romans 1

Promise, Prevenience, Prophecy and Provision, it’s interesting that this is the theme of my Advent Readings this year, because each of those are represented in Paul’s first few words to the church in Rome. Jesus Christ was the embodiment of every promise, the gift of God’s prevenience, the fulfillment all prophecy, His resurrection proved that He was the provision, the Messiah, the Son of God.

Paul tells us in this short chapter that obedience comes by faith. Why is it then, that we so desperately want to teach people the rules? We want people to be good, do what they should, but Paul says that true obedience comes by faith.

Paul has such a passion for the gospel of Jesus Christ. He truly desires that everyone meet Jesus. He is adamant that righteousness comes from faith.

The theme of this first chapter seems to be “Choose faith or choose wickedness.” If we know God, yet refuse to worship Him and obey Him, He will give us over to our sinful desires and they will eventually consume and destroy those who choose not to live by faith.

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