Romans 11

This Chapter raises so many questions:

– Will all Jews who still follow the law anre are Israelites by works, one day be saved?
– Will other Jews who have abandoned their faith also be saved?
– Should we, as Christians, make Jews a priority in our witnessing, or should we assume that their future is in God’s hands and focus our witnessing on Gentiles instead?
– After reading this chapter can anyone persecute Jews and at the same time call themselves Christians?

I can’t answer the first few questions, those are still puzzles to me, however, the last is made perfectly clear in this chapter. Regardless of their faith walk, the children of Jacob ore God’s chosen. I must not become arrogant because I have discovered the truth of God’s gift ahead of them. I should instead be grateful that I have been given the opportunity to join God’s chosen, to become one of those branches.

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