Romans 13

Picking up with the end of Chapter 12 (and remembering in 2012 that Paul didn’t put that separation there, the early church fathers did to help us all get on the same page at the same time), if we begin with salvation and then the Spirit, then we renew our minds, we can then truly submit to earthly authorities. That doesn’t mean we can’t do things to help reform government, but it does mean we should do it with honor and respect. (Yes, I know, we believe that some of the government authorities don’t deserve honor and respect, but God has allowed them to be in office, perhaps for the sole purpose of waking some of us up to our responsibility to be a part of the solution instead of the problem. So, the office deserves our honor and respect even when the man or woman does not.)

Finally, when we are mature, then we can truly love. We try to love from the moment we accept Christ, but it’s when we reach this maturity that Paul tells us to wake up. Often when we first find Chrsit, we have that zeal that Paul talks about, but then as we mature we become complacent. Contentment is good, but complacency is deadly. Wake Up!

Clothe yourself with Christ, love others, be the hands and feet of Jesus, don’t indulge yourself . . . Be Christ to the World.

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