Romans 6

Paul always does a good job of putting things into perspective. In Chapter 5 (which you may remember, is not really a “chapter” at all), he tells us our goodness won’t save us. Now, just in case we take that as a license to sin, he reminds us that if we take God’s grace for granted, we now have what Bonhoeffer called “Cheap Grace.”

We are slaves, it’s inevitable. Good news is, we get to pick what we are enslaved to. We are either slaves to sin or slaves of God. There is no way to be free unless you submit and become a slave to the One who grants freedom. Not only does He grant freedom, He makes us totally and completely new if we allow Him. As slaves of God, we also have permission to leave parts of ourselves in slavery to sin if we choose. However, I wonder, why would anyone choose that?

If we consider ourselves dead to sin, we’ll not worry about the world. We are called to be totally different, 100% changed.

I live under grace; I am not bound by any rules. I am free to live as I please; I choose to live for Christ out of gratitude for His grace. I choose to be a new creation because of the blessings He has poured out as I live in this reformed state.

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