Romans 8:1-17

This morning I slept in. I was late getting to the office, and I was beating myself up because I constantly stay up too late. There’s always one more thing to do, one more e-mail to open. I never go to bed with everything on my “to-do” list crossed off. So, I’m up way too late, and then I’m tired the next day. I beat myself up because not going to bed at a decent hours says to me that I’m addicted to my computer or “the work” and I’m not truly trusting God with my time.

I’m running so late today that I brought my blow dryer and make-up with me. It’s not a big deal. I’m the only one in my office. I even created my own hours. I’m only here to answer the phone, other than that, I’m free to do my own thing. I always do my devotions here, but with everything I brought with me to do, my first thought is, “What should I do first?” So, I decide to sit down and do my devotions.

The first words I read today were Romans 8:1 . . . “There is therefore, now no condemnations for those who are in Christ Jesus.” Woo Hoo!!! I am in Christ! There is no condemnation for me! I know I should go to be earlier, and I’ll continue to try my best to adjust my bedtime. I’m sure I’ll go to be with my “to-do” list incomplete most nights, but there’s no need to beat myself up over that. There is no condemnation for me because I am in Christ Jesus!

Romans 8 reminds me that the law cannot set me free from death. Being good, following the rules, going to be early, will not give me a spot in heaven. My own goodness, strivings and energy will not give me peace here on earth.

However, Jesus can! Jesus condemned the sin in me. All I am required to do is live by the Spirit. Whenever I am overwhelmed or beating myself up, I’m living in the world, not the Spirit. There is no peace in the world, no joy, no laughter, no love. The world, the sinful nature, only knows pain and sorrow, tiredness and the feeling of being overwhelmed.

If Christ lives in me, then the Spirit that brought Him back to life will give me life! There is so much promise in the Spirit, so much life in Christ, but we let it pass us by because of all the things we “have to” do. Some if it is self-imposed, some imposed on us by others, but if we look, we’ll discover, very little is imposed on us by Jesus Christ.

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