Romans 8:28-39

All of those groans and frustrations, the sufferings, all the bad stuff, it all works together to bring about good for the one who loves Christ! That’s my favorite verse. I love knowing that even my mistakes and mess ups can be worked together for good if my motivation (to love Christ in all I do) is right. Is there any better blessing!?

These next verses, if read without knowing 1 Peter 3:9, might make one think that God has chosen a few, called only a remnant, but Peter reminds us that God wants no one ot perish. We are all called, but not everyone answers the call.

On those days when the struggles get to be too much, it’s good to remember that God is for us. If He gave His Son to die for us, He will fight the enemy for us. Otherwise Jesus died in vain. God never condemns us. He’s waiting to make us right. Who condemns us then? Not Christ, He’s sitting at God’s side as our friend, our brother, waiting to stick up for us and defend us when the one who DOES condemn us tries to take us down.

Paul sums up these last verses nicely . . . No matter how bad life gets, no matter who seems to be against us, nothing can take us away from the love of Jesus Christ.

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