Springing Ahead – March 7, 2015

I’ve been trying to get to bed earlier for about a year now. For those who see my posts on twitter when these entries post, you probably need to know that my bedtime used to be closer to two in the morning. So, basically 11 p.m. is early. Tonight we spring ahead, so I need to head back soon, but again tonight I’m feeling a little down.

It’s funny though, I think my “blue” days have inspired me a bit. I realize that compared to twenty years ago these down days are really very positive. And I think I’ve discovered the reason.

I started writing a sermon yesterday. I’m preaching this coming WEdensday and next Sunday – Twice in 7 days is a lot for me! But the inspiration for Wednesday has come from my depression. I’ll post the whole sermon here on Wednesday, but until then I just praise God that He uses even these days when my spirits aren’t as bright to teach me a sharable lesson.

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