The Whole Union Thing

I just have some thoughts about this whole Union thing I wanted to share. Hopefully, someone will stop by and this will cause them to just think. I don’t have any answers, but I have a lot of rhetorical questions or at least a lot of ideas.

First, for those who don’t know me. . . you need to know I’m pretty conservative and very “anti-union.” On the other hand, I’m pretty patriotic and very apolitical. But I’m confused at how this new move to take away the rights of folks to unionize can be constitutional.

Don’t get me wrong. I firmly believe that 90% of unions are useless. They encourage laziness and cultivate “entitlement” attitudes. I am convinced that the economy would be much better if unions were dissolved. However, I also believe that people have the RIGHT to organize. They have the RIGHT to throw their money away, give it to union presidents who don’t do anything for them. AND businesses have the RIGHT, at the end of a contract, to refuse to hire union workers again.

These businesses that are tired of putting up with the unions can and should simply say, “we’re not going to renew our contract with the union” Employees who wish to apply for jobs under the new type of management are welcome. Fortunately, there are enough people like me who have no use for unions that they could restaff, probably with some skilled employees who are a part of the union only to have the job, NOT because they want to be a part of the union.

Is it true that the Tea Party is really behind the law to abolish collective bargaining? I thought the Tea Party’s aim was to END big government. We don’t need more government regulations on ANYTHING, even unions. If cities and school district’s don’t want unions, let them hire outside the union the next time the contract is up. If union employees harrass the district, the city or the new employees, they should be arrested, just like anyone who harrasses or commits “hate” crimes (after all harrassing someone because they don’t agree with you is the root of hate crimes).

Well, that’s about it. With all this talk of taking away “rights”, I’m just becoming confused about what country I live in. Let’s truly pray that America stays free in all of this.Руководство По Ремонту Mazda Premacy руководство по ремонту toyota allion
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