Things I See in November 2009

Things I See

There are things I see that make me wonder why . . .

Words that I wrote in 1995 when within days two young men I knew were killed in unrelated tragedies. These two young men lost their lives to accidents . . . one in a car and another in a bad kick in a “friendly” fight. And while I never lost faith in Christ, the events made me wonder where He was. I’m sure that the tragedies of this week have America and perhaps the world thinking the same thing.

My heart is burdened . . . I can not begin to imagine how the family and friends of the victims feel, and my brain will never be able to wrap around the idea of taking the life of another without any provocation or danger to my own life. The despair I felt in 1995 was overwhelming because I had been introduced to those two young men, even if it had been briefly. Today, after a second shooting in as many days, I’m not even sure how I feel.

But regardless of my feelings, my thoughts keep going back to the fact that I believe these two events are just more evidence of the need for Christ in our world. It seems so logical to dismiss Christianity, faith in an Almighty God and belief in the truth of the Bible. After all, the Bible is ancient and some say faith and Christianity are “crutches” (one of the theme’s of “Things I See”). However, as faith in a Sovereign Creator becomes more and more unfashionable, the morals this creator set up at the beginning of time are less and less evident.

If we are not created in God’s image, then there is no sanctity of life. If the Bible is not the moral standard, then rules for appropriate behavior are left for humans to create and then to challenge and change. I get an overwhelmed feeling thinking about trying to change the world and help others see the need for Christ to change lives and save nations. It’s an impossible feat. However, I can change myself and by doing so can influence those around me and, thanks to the internet, those who read my thoughts as I share them in blogs and articles.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by the decline of morals in the world and burdened by the tragedies that are hitting families and communities all around us, I encourage you to find out more about Christ. He and His morals are the only thing that will change this world . . . or basically change you . . . and you can influence your corner of the world.

And now for all of you who just don’t understand what’s happening in the world, I give you this song:
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