Things I See

In 2000 I released my first Solo album. the title song was “Things I See.” The Chorus goes:

There are things I See that make me wonder why
there are things I see that make me want to cry
There are things I see that make me lean on you more and more
Lord, I need your strength to face these things I see.

And the beginning of the first verse:
Cause I’ve seen good people die too young it seems To me
and I’ve seen older saints just holdin on for years and years…

And those two things still make me wonder why

I am sitting in the hospital tonight in a room with two women who both seem to know Jesus. One is frail and in terrible pain. The other broke her hip and doesn’t remember why she is here for more than 2 minutes at a time. On this same day my cousin buried his stillborn baby. How does this make sense?

I mourn my cousin’s loss. And while I know that baby has missed all of the evils of this world and is laying in Jesus’ arms tonight, I can’t help but wonder why these older two must suffer while these loving parents mourn.

There are no good answers. I have heard, and contemplated, every plausible reason. But I serve an all powerful God who can do anything including the impossible. I know His ways are higher than my ways. I know He has a bigger better plan. I know God is always Kingdom minded. I know all things work together for good. I Do Not know why God chooses to take the baby and leave the saints.

I will however trust that He has it under control. And l will lean on His strength in my wondering. And I will continue to pray for both these ladies that Christ will give them life abundant. Either here on earth or with Jesus

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