To all the Young Men out there

Young men, sometime in your teens, you’ll probably begin to notice that girls are a bit different from the boys. I want you to know that’s OK. It’s normal. In fact, it’s how God created you. There is nothing wrong with you looking at a girl and thinking she’s cute or even “hot.”

Here’s where the problem comes in. Every human being has an enemy. Some people think only Christians have this enemy, but this foe hates everyone. I’ll admit, he does hate followers of Christ even more than everyone else, but the fact is, he even hates his own followers. He doesn’t know how to care. So, to that end, he snoops around to find out where we are weakest, just like any enemy would do. There are some people who can’t resist food and others who can’t stay away from alcohol, drugs, drinking or looking at pictures of naked people. Wherever you are the weakest, that’s what he’ll attack.

The enemy knows that most men like looking at girls, so he tempts them to look at them in ways that they shouldn’t. That’s his plan. He knows that when we do that we feel ashamed, guilty and dirty. You see, that’s how he wants us to feel because when we feel like that we forget that we are created in God’s image and that God loves us.

There are a few things that I want to tell you to help you overcome this enemy. First and foremost, if you’ve asked Jesus Christ to be your Savior, then His Holy Spirit lives within you. 1 John tells us that the one who lives within us is greater than the one who lives in the world. In other words, the Holy Spirit within you is stronger than Satan, and if you let Him, the Spirit will give you power to resist the temptation that your enemy puts in front of you. James 4:7 tells us if we do that, resist the devil, he will run away! So, the first thing I want you to do when you are tempted is to say, “Jesus lives in me, and He is greater than the one who is trying to tempt me.”

The second thing I want you to remember is that whatever you are doing, Jesus is doing it to. When we ask Christ to be our Savior, He promises to be right there with us every minute of every day. So everything you look at, everything you do, Jesus does it. He sees it. Do you want Jesus to see what you see? Do you want Him to see you do the things you do?

The third thing I want to explain is that when you look at girls who are posing in ways they shouldn’t and wearing clothes that they shouldn’t be wearing, you are looking at someone’s baby. I want you to think of a cute baby girl that you know. Maybe she’s your cousin or you know her from church. She’s really cute, and you’d protect her if someone tried to hurt her, right? That little girl is going to grow up to be a girl just like those ones you are looking at someday. Do you want another young man like yourself looking at her the way you look at those pictures?

Which brings me to the final thing that I want to share to help you overcome this temptation. When you think about that baby, I’ll bet you want people to respect her when she grows up. That’s excellent, ‘cause God wants her to be respected to. You are created in God’s image. You deserve to be treated as such. You may be a son to your parents here on earth, but once you accepted Christ as your Savior, you became the son of the King. Not any old king, the King of the Universe, the Almighty God Himself. You are a Son to the eternal living King. The Bible says you are an heir, that you will inherit the entire estate of God. So, you should act like the son of a King. You should carry yourself with dignity and respect. You should respect yourself too much to allow yourself to look at these girls. You are better than that!

Those girls are also created in God’s image. When you lust after them, you are lusting after God’s daughter, God’s creation. You should pray for those girls who pose for inappropriate pictures because they don’t understand yet how precious they are to God. No one ever taught them how to respect themselves or to understand that they are heirs to the throne of the Living God too.

So, child of God, what are you going to do the next time the enemy asks you to do something that would disappoint your heavenly Father? You have a choice. You can continue to follow the enemy into enemy territory and risk being captured. Or you can turn to Jesus Christ and talk to Him. He will protect you and help you through. He will teach you how precious you are and how you deserve to respect yourself because you are part of the Family of the Creator of all of the Universe.

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