Touch These Ones I Love, Lord – LYRICS

I’m surrounded by a sea of pain a host of hurting lives
Overwhelmed by all the suffering I feel helpless and unwise
Lord, I’m ready for a miracle, I want to see your face
Reveal to us your majesty, your glory and your grace


Touch these ones I love, Lord I lay them at your feet

Touch these ones I care for, Jesus, let them see

Touch these ones my heart lifts up, heal them flesh and soul

Touch these ones, O Lord, and make them whole

Lord, Your precious Holy Spirit sees every tear and pain
You send Him to renew our lives, bring us to you again
Tonight we need Your presence Lord, moving through this place
Only You can fix the brokenness and give us strength in faith


Cause I know that you’re the healer, my redeemer, heaven sent
I’m sure you have the power and that power has no end
I’m convinced that you are mighty and you’re able to do more
Than my simple mind can fathom ‘cause you are the risen Lord.


©2007 Lynne Modranski Music

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