Tuesday of Holy Week

I read this scripture early this morning, but circumstances have prohibited me writing any thing until tonight. On the way have from Praise Team practice, I reflected on my day compared to Jesus’ Holy Week Tuesday. My day was pretty routine. I had to get some groceries, and a couple of the girls came over for dinner. Rehearsal was a little longer than normal because we’ve got some new songs for Easter and Good Friday, plus we were rehearsing for two services.

In contrast, on that Tuesday before His crucifixion, Jesus was busy teaching some of the most important and most controversial lessons of His ministry. He begins the day telling His disciples they can do anything if they have enough faith, goes on to challenge the priests and religious leaders and by the end of the day had silenced those who were constantly trying to trip up the One who everyone was calling the Messiah.

I wonder if Jesus felt an urgency to teach during these last days. So much to say, so many lessons to teach and only 72 hours left. No one else realized how fast the hour was approaching. The chief priests had specifically discussed waiting until after the Passover feast, but those few words of scripture only serve to prove that God was in complete control of the situation, even when it looked as though there was no hope.

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