What if no one reads the blog? – March 6, 2015

When I began this endeavor to daily blog, I wondered, what if no one reads it? Do I care? Am I willing to write something everyday even if no one reads it? Truthfully, I’m still not sure. I guess if you happen by here in six months and there are a lot of posts after this one (or not), you’ll know.

I’m always amazed at how many lessons I learn every week. It probably amounts to at least one a day. Just this week I learned that the people of Thailand are very open to Christianity because they are open to all religions. I’ve learned the blessing of praise. There are lessons all around, I just have to pay attention to them.

I got to see my sister for the first time since she came home from Thailand. We really have so much, and we take it for granted. They cooked a whole meal for fourteen people on one burner. And they are going to add height to their barrel height water storage containers to add water pressure. While I praise God every day for my nice hot shower, I still take it for granted. I have a wonderful family that I don’t appreciate near as much as I should. And several of those kids she ministered to live two hours from home so they can go to school. While kids in the US don’t really want to go to school very often.

I want to learn to appreciate even more all that Christ has given to me.

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