Whose God is it? – Ponderings on March 14, 2015

Today I was reading 2 Kings 19 and as I stumbled on verse 4 (2 Kings 19:4), I noticed that Hezekiah’s men called God “the Lord YOUR God” (my emphasis) when they were talking to Isaiah. It sounded like they were quoting Hezekiah. It made me pretty sad.

Seriously . . . according to chapter 17, King Hezekiah was a king like David! And several of the guys in the entourage were priests. I find it unfathomable that none of them could say to Isaiah, “the Lord, MY God.”

But at least these guys were honest. They weren’t serving God the way they should. They didn’t trust Him enough to call Him MY God, but they knew that Isaiah did. I wonder how many people today call the Creator of the Universe “My God” when really He is anything but!

I think that’s one of the enemies favorite forms of deception in the 21st Century. He doesn’t mind if people call God “MY God” as long as the enemy knows He is not. He likes it when people use the phrase OMG because He knows if they are willing to do that then they don’t respect the fourth commandment, so the Lord of Creation is not really their “god.” And as long as Jesus isn’t who we worship, the enemy doesn’t care who or what we do worship.

I also decided today that I don’t need to be offended when people use the phrase “Oh my god.” Instead of thinking of it as “cussing,” I need to ask the person who their god is. After all, it can’t be the One that I call God, because He specifically asked me not to use His name in an unworthy manner. So, after careful thought, they must be like Hezekiah and his crew. They must not be talking about MY God, they must be referring to some other god that I’m not familiar with.

In know that last paragraph will offend some, but if you are reading this and you’re one of the ones offended, then I invite you to ask yourself just who is your god. Who is it that you are serving and worshipping? If you think it’s the One who sent Jesus Christ to save us from our sins, then why would you use His name that way? If you think you don’t worship or serve anyone or anything, then you have a bigger problem than worrying about offended me and my friends with your colorful language.

So I have just two simple questions for the world today . . .
1. Whose God is it that created the Universe in seven days, called the nation of Israel His people and sent Jesus Christ to die on the cross for our sins? Is it your God or just my God?
2. If you use the phrase that makes me cringe everytime I hear it (Oh my god), then who is your god? And why would you blame him/her or it for everything that happens in your life?

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