Why Bible Study and Sunday School?

About 1/2 the folks in our church come to Sunday School and/or Bible Study. I get it that mid-week is difficult for working moms and folks who work way more overtime than they’d like. But I’m not sure why everyone doesn’t come an hour early on Sunday Morning. I’ve heard “It’s my only morning to sleep in”, but really . . . you can’t get up by 9 AM to be at Sunday School by 10 AM? I like to sleep in . . . but seriously?!?!

Today, as I prepared for Wednesday evening’s discussion, I wondered how many folks don’t realize what they’re missing by only coming out on Sundays for the sermon. So here’s a little bit of explanation and a little info about how your “reasons” for not coming are really just lame excuses:

REASON 1 – I Don’t Know Enough To Come to Sunday School
Truthfully, this is the lamest of all excuses.
Would you let your 7th grader skip school because he didn’t know enough math to go to math class? There will always be people who know a bit more than you do (if not how would we learn), but there will also always be people who can learn from you. And in Bible classes that can sometimes be the person who you thought knew more than you. It’s amazing the things God has taught me from people who didn’t know much at all about the Bible. Sometimes it’s even the question they ask. Sometimes they ask something I’d never even thought to wonder about before, and it causes me to dig and pray. So, dump this excuse and join a small group somewhere.

REASON 2 – Everything I need to Know I’ve Heard in a Sermon at Somepoint
Maybe this is true . . . but I doubt it.
When I was preparing today, I realized why this excuse is invalid. I just printed out a copy of four parallel passages of scripture. We’re going to look at how the story is the same and different in each gospel and why all four gospel authors thought it was important. PLUS, someone will have a question that I didn’t even think to ask, I’m certain of it. Your pastor can not possibly cover everything in the scripture on Sunday mornings. Plus, he or she can only go so deep because there are hopefully always newbies in your midst. Bible Study and Sunday small groups offer an opportunity to look a little deeper, hear other’s opinions and questions and ask questions yourself. Look around, it’s the folks in these small groups who are growing in the faith the fastest.

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