You See ME

Too short, too tall, just baby fat
Where did she find that crazy hat,
I’m sure he’ll grow into those ears.
These things our friends and family say
They mold us, form us day by day
We start to believe all that we hear.

But from somewhere a voice whispers quietly.
And if we listen we will find a new reality

   Lord, you can see all that lies within me
   Not the things the world around me sees
   You see the hurt, you see the fear, you see my overwhelming need
   You see the possibilities . . . You see me

You can you should, you will succeed
If you simply follow me
I have a purpose and a plan
Such foreign words, yet truth they hold
It echoes deep inside my soul
I feel as though I’m in His hand

And again that voice whispers quietly
But now I know who brings the new reality


BRIDGE All that I am, All that I can be, All that you made me to be
All that I am, all that I can be, it’s so much more than I can see

    Lord, you can see all that lies within me
    It’s so much more than the world around me sees
    You see the beauty, you see the artistry,
    You see the possibilities . . . You see me.

©2009 Lynne Modranski Music

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