Your Pastor’s Lacking Talents

I’m really tired of hearing “my pastor doesn’t . . .”  or “my pastor isn’t”  Must that person who delivers a sermon each week also have every spiritual gift and talent known to mankind?  How about making a list of all the things our pastors ARE or DO?  Maybe you can still make the “isn’t/doesn’t’ list.  I’ll give you some suggestions at the end what to do with that list.

 “My pastor isn’t compassionate enough . . .”  What does that mean?  Do you want a man or a woman who always gives handouts?   Are you sure he or she isn’t compassionate enough, or are you being called to a job that you think your pastor should do.  What if he’s exceedingly compassionate, but his specialty is “tough love.”  Perhaps she’s dealt with a certain situation for a lenthy time and her compassion was all used up in that particular instance.  Or maybe, just maybe, the thing you think he should show compassion on is God’s project to you.  

“My Pastor doesn’t visit enough”

“My Pastor doesn’t preach what I think he should.”

it’s an endless list.

The truth is your pastor can’t be everything.  Even the man or woman of God placed in authority over your congregation has limits, he or she only has a certain number of Spirital gifts and to think otherwise is foolishness.  I’m tired of seeing the clergy beaten up and battered as the enemy uses the body of Christ against him or her. 

Here are the criteria for clergy:

1.  Has a relationship with Jesus Christ

2.  Has been called by God to be in pastoral ministry

3.  Is willing to let the Holy Spirit mold and change and make them into the best they can be in Christ Jesus.

So now, make a list of all the things your pastor CAN DO and encourage her to keep doing them.  If your pastor is a great teacher, let them teach – don’t tell them how or what to teach, but encourage them by being in a study at least once a week.  If he or she is a tremendous preacher, then your pew should be full each week with everyone you are inviting to hear this great orator. 

And what about that list of things your pastor “isn’t” or “doesn’t”?   What on that list are you called to do?  If you say nothing, tell me this. . .  how much are you doing to serve the congregation, your pastors and your community so that people may come to know Christ more.  If you’re just showing up on Sunday morning or at a mid-week Bible Study and your attitude is “what’s in this for me,” then you’re mistaken on the duties of a follower of Jesus Christ.  Jesus’ disciples don’t say “what’s in it for me,” they say, “what can I do for you.” 

The church is an active living being.  It is not a building made of stone, it is a body made of living stones.  I don’t want to hear what your pastor isn’t, tell me what you are!  Are you good with your hands, a “Mr. fix-it?”  Look around the church (don’t ask the pastor what needs done).  Find the jobs that need done and volunteer.  Are you great at making money?  Either make contributions over and above your tithe or moblize a group to have creative fundraisers that not only bring in the needed funding to do special projects but get the word out about your church.  Maybe you have a heart for missions, the military, the poor or the guy on the corner who needs a shower.  Don’t wait for your pastor to spearhead something so that you can jump aboard.  You go volunteer to be the spearhead. 

It’s time for the church to be the church . . . are you ready?

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